Parish Weekly Update 5th April 2020

Another completely different week!

We have a pattern now of supplying food where needed (mainly through the info that came with the Magazine) and of taking calls and queries and requests for our army of volunteers…all through Jean Cullen.  I am sure the asks for help will continue to increase…thank you, Jean.

At the moment I can deliver all food myself as I am making the bags up as we go along.

I have taken receipt of 25 boxes of cereal (from Cereal Plants in Bromborough) with 6 boxes inside each of them.. 150 in all..!

Massive amounts of potatoes, carrots and onions have been donated (which I am hoping the Golf Club will be able to cook for me (with the half sheep I have as well!)

I have posted resources and Celtic morning and night prayer for use in Lent and beyond…  

Mark live streamed a Eucharist on Palm Sunday (I am planning to do an Easter Day Communion from my garden) and Nikki is sharing some wonderful resources as well.

We have a strong community voice now as I have a teleconference each day, two last Thursday) .

I am on as Chair of Eastham Community Forum and, also, as a Faith Leader.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the Covid 19 Humanitarian Wirral response which deals with all Covid issues and the Tuesday and Thursday ones for the Food Sub Group.

I nominated Sue as my deputy and she is on them too from last week.

Friday was a bittersweet day as we brought Roy Munro back into the Village and down Ferry Rd and so many of you lined the streets and clapped, threw flowers and kisses too.

Please catch up with everything on our Webpage, lots of services and resources here, and on our Facebook (stmaryseastham Facebook)

Listen to the Dolly Parton ‘He is alive’ music I have uploaded. Such joy and hope there!

Rural Dean’s duties still have to be done, funeral visits (wrapped up in people’s gardens with a flask of coffee) are different and special as are small funerals with the promise of celebrations to come. I have ‘booked’ six already. 

On Good Friday, Karen is streaming a half-hour meditation  from 2.30 to 3pm

Nikki is creating beautiful liturgies and services as well for us.

PLEASE let me know of anyone you know who needs anything…please ring me if you need to.

Food is available and we can put people in touch with whatever/whoever they need if we can’t help.

But as Holy Week approaches,

We need to lockdown with God, stay safe in His unconditional love for us and spread peace and hope wherever we go.

Beth xx