Parish Weekly update 25th May 2020

Dear all,

Well, we are all still in a very confused state!

There has been so much more noise around, less birdsong and the steady hum of traffic in the background all the time down by me.

The cars and lorries go down from about 5.00 am to various destinations in Ferry Road and now take-aways are opening up, perhaps even Macdonald Drive-Thrus, but still no churches open at all.

As I write, we are waiting for another wave of the Virus due to VE day celebrations, the relaxing of Lockdown and the Bank Holiday.

And, as we approach another this weekend, look out for helicopters as they fly over Wirral, searching for hot spots of too many people and warning the police.

Arrowe Park are prepared and so we wait again.

My own opinion (a disclaimer here!)  is that we should have stayed in Lockdown until after this Bank Holiday.  It is a view shared with the COVID 19 Wirral Humanitarian committee that Sue and I have teleconferences each day with.  Personal safety for a little longer is more important surely than our economy?

As we do move into the new normal, I am aware that I haven’t been able to appreciate the peace and solitude and quality time with God so many of my fellow clergy tell me about!

There has been no lessening at all of the need for Larder bags.

This week, I am awaiting more funding from the three Ward Councillors, we have had a very generous donation of tins of meat and fish from ASDA, I have applied for more funding from the Mayor of Liverpool’s Food fund and have had so many donations of food and, sometimes, money that arrive at the Vicarage.

Please don’t stop!

I have decided that with the situation still very bleak and scary and confused for many, I will carry on the Food Hub from the Vicarage until the end of June.

By then, we should have a much better idea of the overall situation.

We can then move to the Church Centre and perhaps a team could take over.   I will have done it for four months by then.

New referrals are still coming in though.

This month sees a slightly new look magazine as I have made it more relevant to the community I am meeting so many more of.

It will probably stay in this format over the summer.

We are exploring on-line giving schemes through the Diocese and how we can get wi-fi into the church. But the PCC will be making decisions on those as and when, please don’t worry.

A new Facebook page is being launched, very much on the lines of the Eastham Matters FB page where we can interact more informally with each other and church family and with the community, anyone can join in!

Look for stmaryscommunityeastham and see what you think?    Fab picture Ian took with the drone inside at Christmas.

I have met (!) with our new Bishop, and am working with the Diocese as Rural Dean to enable us to emerge from this as a new, vibrant and dynamic church whilst still keeping our integrity and traditions.

There is no more news, as yet, about the re-opening of the churches.   But I am keeping my ear very close to the ground.

Thank you to all my loving and supportive team, to Mark for his enthusiasm and deep faith and to Ian for his advice and expertise in all things digital.

My love and blessings   to you all, Beth