Parish Weekly Update 7th June 2020

Dear everyone

Well, my last update written on Friday now has to be updated itself (!) with the news that, from Monday 15th June, churches can now be opened for ‘supervised private prayer’, however that is interpreted!

Much has to be done now; a risk assessment, new posters put up, inside and outside, banners ordered, days and times decided on, posters written to ensure guidelines are adhered to, sanitisers and wipes available,  all papers taken away inside, and the church safely open to the public.

We will be having a Standing Committee by ZOOM and then all the PCC will be circulated and decisions made.

We will undoubtedly be open in one form or another from Monday 15th.

Weddings and funerals, however, will still not be possible and having services in church remains the same…we are just not ready yet.

Meanwhile, Mark and I celebrate communion alternatively on Sundays, Karen brings us a deep Celtic reflection on Wednesdays and the 6.30 pm Service of the Word is also available on Sundays.

Thank you to all of you who help to resource this is any way.

We are moving now to decide how we can build on all that we have achieved digitally and we will have some ideas to share with you all soon.

Marilyn has offered to finance WIFI for our church (thank you!) and we are hoping to be able to use YouTube for our worship resources as well.

Mark, Sue, Marilyn and I are attending ‘Webinars’ about on-line giving and how we can harness that for our own parish as finances remain unsure and, until these times are over, we will not be able to assess how much we have lost in revenue.

At the minute, we are able to pay our parish share and all our bills but, long term, we will need to up our game somewhat!

We hope to be able to start new digital services for children, teens and those seeking God in any way so do please pray for us as we discern God’s will for our parish in the near, middle and distant future.

Each day, the list of things I need to do grows ever longer and I have lost myself in the maelstrom that invades me!

The demand for food support continues to be as busy as ever but, when the One Stop Shops, Libraries and Citizens Advice bureaus open I will be able to signpost those families I look after (and there are many) to the local government and Foodbanks.

At this present time though, there seem to be no movement on this yet, but in our world, anything can change daily.

The daily Covid 19 teleconferences continue to be so useful (Cell and Food mtgs) and I can ground myself knowing that we in Eastham are part of the bigger Wirral picture, and we can understand that what we are doing in this southerly part of the Wirral vitally connects with the rest of this wonderful peninsular.

May God continue to guide and protect us all, .Beth x