Parish Weekly Update 13 June 2020

Well, I think for so many of us, what I am calling, ‘COVID fatigue’ has now set in.

We are weary and confused, fearful of a second wave, untrusting of anything except perhaps our own common sense,

This week all non-essential shops are opening, planes are just beginning to take off and I am longing to go out and have a meal put in front of me!

Places of worship can now open (from 13th) but many I have spoken to on a faith leaders’ Zoom on the Wirral are very worried about doing so, mainly those of other denominations. Many say they are closing till at least late Autumn.

For me though, the Anglican Parish Church has a different context from just opening on a Sunday to worship.

We truly do need, safely, to be open, for people to see and be in ancient, sacred space which has seen so much in its time.

We have had our risk assessment done here at St Mary’s.

Russ has been in and re-configured the church so that only the central block can be used for private prayer, every other pew marked off in that area.

All paper and cushions and the red seating strip removed and the vestry and sanctuary closed off from the chancel steps. Handwashing stations have been appointed.

And so we wait, what for? The National Church guidelines to be more specific.

I am hoping that from Friday 26th June we could be open from 11.00 am till 2.00 pm Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

We need people to open up, to do an hour ‘supervising‘ shift, to clean on Friday and Saturday afternoons and to do a deeper clean on Monday ready for the following Friday.

To this end, Sue will be sending out a rota for you to sign up for if you can.

Also, Emma Davies, our safeguarding officer, has decided to stay up in Preston permanently with her partner, Richard, with whom she has been isolating, and so sadly is leaving us.                                  

She leaves with our love and thanks…

She valiantly stood in when Ken London left and it is a really important role for us in the church…here and of course, nationally.

She has put everything now on a very secure footing and is willing to talk anyone through it. It is not too onerous, but we do need to have this role legally filled and embraced (!) 

…any offers anyone? For more information, please get in touch.

We continue to live stream, pre-record and produce worship resources on both our webpage and Facebook pages.

The daily prayers and thoughts are keeping us praying together as a church and the love between us all and God is growing ever stronger.

I think I have been up and down every road and hill and path in this lovely place called Eastham (and beyond!) and all I am met with is smiles and waves and kisses blown at a safe distance.

The church now, feels very much a part of the community and my thanks to Jean Cullen and all her volunteers for all they do to keep the community love flowing as well.  Also thanks to Dave and Beryl Eastland, Sue Abraham and you all for continuing to donate both food and cash for the food bags – the demand for food bags is as great as ever.

The opening of the schools is as confused as ever.

Please continue to pray for Millfields, Heygarth, Brookhurst and South Wirral at this time and for the Heads and Governing Bodies there.

So, to all of you, near and far, keep smiling, keep loving, stay faithful and be thankful for every single blessing we have.

Beth xx