Parish Weekly Update 21st June 2020

Well, we are certainly not in the darkness of COVID any more. Though it is still around us, it has lost its grip somewhat. As Lockdown continues to ease, our emotional and spiritual horizons are widening as well.

Shops are opening, Bubbles have been created. We can meet in gardens… and churches can open too as ours will this Friday (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11am till 2pm) all organised now by Sue and there is a rota of people who will be in church at all times.

To run alongside this, the Graveyard Walk guide (thank you, Dave Allan) will be available now.

Sue has laminated the guides and they will be in a box by the Lychgate for people to walk around with and I am planning a prayer walk in the graveyard too.

Food Hub!

Glory, I have been doing this for over three months now from the Vicarage and it is such a big project.

Over £3,000 has been spent on food, over £2,500 received in funding and one-off financial donations (thank you so much) and this has meant I can keep going.

Thank you to everyone who has been leaving food donations on my doorstep throughout these months – these have been such a help and I am very grateful.

To date, over 450 Larder bags have gone out reaching approx. 360 adult and 425 children in our community with referrals from various partner agencies and schools and still they come in!

Gordon has produced spreadsheets, as have I, to justify our funding and all receipts are kept and monitored here.

Never, ever, did I think I would, or could do this. But the connections and trust and love I have built up with the community have been invaluable.

I have been asked to continue this though the summer (!!) and so have applied for extra funding, which I shall hear about next week, to expand the holiday provision to children.

CAMEO people, whom we have supported, are now coming to an end of their Larder Bags as most can get out now, but Jean Cullen (how lucky are we to have her) will keep a close eye on our Silver Stars!

I have had a ‘grey time’ over the last two weeks as though who are close to me know.

But on Monday, Jean stepped in and within half an hour she had organised the church tent to be erected in my garden, tables put in, all the food moved out of my house, and the house swept through for the first time in months.. all done within an hour. I was so emotional.

So, to all those whom Jean contacted and who answered the call, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I continue to write daily prayers/scripture for Facebook, run the parish and keep the home fires burning!  It feels like I am doing three different and complex jobs at the moment but I have such wonderful support here, thank you all.

To all who worship at the Church Centre and St Peters, can’t wait to see you all again.

Keep smiling and loving and praying, Bethx