Parish Weekly Update 5th July 2020

Dear all, what a blustery week we have had in so many ways!

The ‘Guidelines’ don’t stop coming and we are now all so confused if we are responsible for anything public.

People have now enjoyed coming into church and being a part of the ancient space that is St Mary’s.

‘Ancient Jewel, Living Church’ has never seemed so appropriate has it?

Banners are now on the church walls (National Trust colours so as not offend conservation and Listed issues) but more, brighter banners will be appearing on the church wall as you come in from the M53 and at the Church Centre.

St Peter’s is now opening for their regular paying community users and the church has had a deep clean but no worship as yet.

I am still awaiting further ‘guidelines’ as we cannot, as yet, sing in church (but we can sing hymns in a smaller space at Landican etc!) and on Communion issues.

We may resume our Wednesday morning 10.15 am service but, again, we need to wait as our services are mainly Eucharistic.

Although I have been allocated funding to continue my food hub and summer family provision, I am struggling to meet the Terms and Conditions (not released until you have had a successful bid!)

I am working with some people from Edsential so hopefully I will know more soon.

The amount of food that travels through my Vicarage is enormous…keep it coming though, I need every tin and packet! The three Ward Councillors have made a final donation of funds..thank you!

ASDA have made a substantial donation of items this week, Booker continue to help and many of you leave me bags on my doorstep. Each time I receive one from someone I don’t know (or the money in an envelope) I pray a blessing on that family. So truly, thank you.

The Council teleconferences are reducing now…but still daily for me on other issues and it has been wonderful to be a part of the stunning work the Wirral BC has pulled out of the bag.  Never thought I would hear myself say that.

I am very aware that this may be the time when we look closely at our worship, service times and new styles of being church!

I hope to hold a PCC meeting soon, perhaps in church. Distanced of course.

Slowly now we move into God’s will, discerning his re-moulding of us, the new creative things he wants us to embrace and the old things he wants us to lay down!

Please, if anyone would like to chat to me, please pick up the phone. Don’t sit and fester as to why I haven’t managed to be in touch with everyone!

Thank you to Mark and Ian and Chris and to all who have helped with the services on line and on Facebook and to Anne for her lovely intercessions each Sunday.

My love and prayers to you all, stay safe, Beth x