Parish Weekly Update 19th July 2020

Dear all, Well things seem almost normal out in the community, but of course they are not really.

As so many things are now re-opened, the antidote to that of course is the wearing of face coverings in all shops and retail outlets. This is to mitigate another spike, however small, by letting more and more people mingle together.  Coupled with this, of course, is the fear that I know many have, in just not feeling safe to leave the house.

But, with sensible precautions, we all need to feel our way outside again, otherwise we will just not build up all the immunity and Vitamin D stores that we will all need to get us through the autumn and winter.

This week has been mainly all centred around the holiday provision that I have been given funding for. My team who are organising this (Nikki, Sue A, Julie, Irene, and of course Jean C (Cullen=Community).  Chris and Ian Fogarty have galvanised me and we are on track to deliver some wonderful things for our children (see stmaryseasthamfacebook).   Please check out our Facebook page for information on how you can book in!

Please do pray for us all as we try to connect our children with woods, trail and outside activities so they too can be ready for autumn.

The church is opened for prayer regularly now and it is my prayer that this will be a normal resource we can offer the community.

I am hoping to have a parish communion in my garden on Sunday 2nd August at 10.00 am

We can fit 50 in with social distancing and I will celebrate with Mark from my Gazebo

No wine I’m afraid, but a time we can get together and worship.

Bring your own chair and a flask of tea or coffee for fellowship in bubbles afterwards

What do you think?   If this is still too scary for you, we will live stream it as well.

This week has been the most difficult foodwise in that I have had to make up double the bags I normally do so I can take a few days off this week. We stay in a lodge, round a lake just outside Carnforth near the South Lakes. I am beyond exhausted. I don’t want to pack and I don’t think I will leave my bed!

However, I feel so close to God as I have had to learn to trust him even more. That is precious.

My phone will be turned over to Sue (must remember to do that!).

Alan and Arlene have suggested putting a lavender hedge round the war memorial instead of the bedding plants there.   The Ward Councillors have agreed so they have already planted their two and mine will be taken up today (ALDI have got some). If you would like to add some please leave them the church side of the lychgate.

Hopefully, the weather will stay dry this week, with rain only at night-time for the plants!

Thank you to all who are supporting me in any way…we will be much stronger now I feel.

Much love and prayers, Beth x