Parish Weekly Update 2nd August 2020

Dear all, glory, this is a topsy turvy world we live in!

My few days away seem a lifetime away, so much has happened.

Our holiday provision for children ‘sold out’ within hours of opening on Monday!

You do the maths…60 children every Monday and Friday get a picnic sufficient for two meals for two children.

Every Wednesday, the Vicarage hosts 30 children and provides a BBQ lunch (and for all adults as well) and a takeaway picnic for 30 children.

Nikki is doing a weekly activity pack, Sue and I are doing woodland walks in the area and many are organising lists of what is needed, buying food and making fab picnics for many children. The kitchen team are superb!

The people who funded us (Edsesntial) DROPPED IN on Friday and were blown away with the quality and quantity of our provision for the families of Eastham!

Thank you all, Ian has done wonderful work in registering and enabling professional online provision, Nikki is looking after data, I am organising finance and all the usual Larder bags delivery etc (and church and all pastoral work), Sue in evident in everything, Jean is holding it all together and everyone else is praying, donating and loving. What a wonderful parish I am privileged to serve in.

Mark is training and enabling and we continue with all of our live and recorded services.

This week we will begin to open for public worship and by September 6th we will have an established pattern.

The PCC meet tomorrow evening (3rd) and we will work out a shape with God.

In the main, people have been willing to wait for God but some are checking guidelines and trying to interpret them in our parish’s context, but it has to be the other way round.

Whatever the ‘guidelines’, people need to be and, most importantly, to feel safe. We need to look at our own context and work it out with God.

Only St Mary’s will be used.

The Church Centre is out because of all the children’s work and food prep that goes on three days a week and then some and St Peter’s are not opening yet, but I will check on that tomorrow.

For those fretting and checking stats…please trust me. As Rural Dean, I am steeped in this for all my other parishes as well.  Please trust God and let us please trust each other!

Each week in August there will be public worship in some form now so please do leave it all in God’s hands.

I still hope the PCC will give permission to ease in by opening my garden for Communion next Sunday.

It was not possible sadly today till I have had PCC approval.

For every new thing we take on, something must be laid down, so please pray over that.

With much love and blessings, Beth