Parish Weekly Update – 9th August 2020

Dear all,

It’s been a week of change this week.

Before going back to being able worship together, we were required to have a PCC meeting to approve this. We had this last Monday and it was a good meeting, strong and deep.

 All meeting together in church for the first time as well. I invited others too with a specific interest to come for their input.

We decided that the next two Sundays, today and next week the 16th, will be in my garden and the other Sundays in August will be in church.

We will meet again at the beginning of September and then discuss the next few weeks.

I know a very few people have thought me very tardy in this and it has come back to me, it always does,  but I have the responsibility of keeping all as safe as possible as my ‘Cure of souls’ ‘demands’ of me (yes, I am still officially your Curate!).  I will NOT take risks.

I always felt the first time we met together might be in my garden and so it was today…glorious!!

It was safe and ordered and a time of belonging and becoming one in Christ with all those watching digitally.

 Mark and I led and presided together and it was really freeing after all these months.

I also had my first funeral in Church this week and it was a Village funeral which was very appropriate.

Our children’s summer work is mushrooming and creating wonderful challenges for all of us!

Thank you to all cooking, slicing, packing, buying and loving. Over a hundred children and many more meals have been touched by this outreach to our families…as well as all the activity, art and craft packs.   The parents/carers have made some lovely comments.

Thank you, Julie, for Wednesdays in my garden…it’s never been used so much and it is lovely.

These parish updates have proved really important to many so I will continue doing them for a while yet, and my Facebook prayers as well..

I have decided not to take annual leave (!) throughout August but will keep within the parish for the foreseeable future to ease us all back in. I feel much more comfortable with that….

I have no idea what the future will hold for us all.

Like many of you, I am concerned in the short term, but know that whatever God has planned for us. We will do our utmost to fulfil.

Build Back Better is a buzz slogan at the moment and I think that says it all.

Please e-mail or phone me if you just want to chat, or anything else..I am here…

Much love, prayers and blessings to you and all those you love and pray for,

Beth xx