Parish Weekly Update – 17th August 2020

Parish update – 17 August 2020

Hi all

It’s been really good to have some real summer weather this week although all I have seen of it has been through my study window with the fan on!

We have had our last Communion from my garden, the last two have been with a real congregation which has been so special.

I will truly miss the freedom of being outside, and the sheer love of the sacrament and creation weaving themselves together without the confines of ritual and the smiles when things go wrong.

I have just loved celebrating Communion, looking up to the blue sky, spotting scudding clouds, having the birds/song joining us in worship, feeling the wind in my face, dodging showers, spotting Sebastian when he joined us,  and being at one with the Spirit who brooded over creation in such a way that God said;  ‘and it was good’.

It feels as if Jesus did this.

He walked away from the Synagogue and all its exclusions (women and children outside, men inside) and 645 Laws to be upheld and walked out to the lakes, the mountains and the fields and worshipped his Father God there, bringing the Kingdom to the people rather than the other way round. And I know he smiled when things went wrong too.

For me personally, it will be a difficult paradigm shift…

From next week, 23rd August 2020 we will be in church at 10.00 am for a Communion service which will also be live streamed. Malcolm will be playing for us…sublime!

Please bring your masks with you. Everything will be safely organised.

We are now allowed to have a few people singing together (from Friday 13th) but we will restrict it to just two from the Eagle.

I now have two weddings on the horizon and funerals are coming back into church now.

From this week, the church will only be open on Fridays and Saturdays for prayer, as Sundays will be our worship.

I have two baptisms as well in September so slowly we can pick up our pastoral work as well.

I will publish the new pastoral guidelines soon so all can see what we can and cannot do re visiting and helping people out.

Our children’s work is flourishing and making deep roots as is our community work in this very special place called Eastham which spills into Bromborough and beyond.

We will have another PCC meeting at the beginning of September.  If there are any issues you would like to raise, please let me know and I will have them put on the Agenda.

I don’t know what the future holds, none of us do, but we do have to confront our finances.

We have been able to fulfil our parish share and keep our head up as a parish, but we do need to move into a new era of giving and that will include looking quite harshly at our assets.

I do have a deep feeling though that God has something very special ahead of us and will bless us if we keep to his path!

I am here if anyone needs to chat, or anything else that I can do?

Love and blessings to you all

Beth xx