Parish Weekly Update – 23rd August 2020

Dear all,

It was so lovely to see so many of you today in church, albeit with masks.

I hope you all felt safe with the measures we took to be able to follow guidelines.

This service was also live streamed but there is nothing quite like being together (if apart!).

There will be a PCC meeting on Thursday 3rd September at 7pm in church to discuss services and related issues in the next few months.

Harvest Festival will be on Sunday 27th September this year and we are hoping to have that outside.

It will not be a communion service but it would be so good to be outside together.

My garden is probably too small so hopefully, weather permitting, we could use Jean’s field opposite perhaps with a tractor there as a visual prop!

Our children’s work finishes at the end of this week.

We have had almost 160 new children with us, often coming more than once a week.

This is truly remarkable and God has richly blessed our work within this community. But we really need to build on it and not just let it pass.

Every time a child comes they have a bag with enough picnics in for two meals (which are creative and filling and include goodies, sandwiches, and pasta  salad in boxes etc.…often I am told, heated up for their tea!)

You do the maths on that one…how many meals have we provided?

My grateful thanks to all who have stayed the course. I can’t thank you all enough.

Prayers for each child as they return to school will be sent to the parents as well.

As the seasons change, so does the season change in our parish.

There will be some changes obviously, but the foundation and mission of St Mary’s remains the same.

I am praying over dividing the parish into four main areas to replace the seven ministry teams we have at the moment. They seem very bygone now!

Following strict guidelines, I am hoping to allow Holy Communion at home soon.

If that is something you may like…I have a small team ready to come but please ring me to discuss it first.

This week, I hope you all get sunshine, smiles, blessings and the knowledge we are loved by an Almighty God who is our Alpha and Omega…the Author and Finisher of all we do in His name..