Parish Weekly Update – 7th September 2020

Dear everyone

The challenges of this Covid time continue to surround us but, as a church, we are moving on with God and each other.

We had a PCC meeting last week and agreed:

  1. Wednesday 10.15 am communion will resume at St Mary’s on Wednesday 15th September.
  2. No evening services at St Mary’s for the foreseeable future until guidelines are eased somewhat.
  3. Harvest Festival will be outside church at 10.30 am on Sunday 4th October.
  4. That a contactless card machine will be purchased.
  5. To explore the possibility of digital equipment to be able to live stream all services at all times.
  6. To validate the way we have re-opened so beautifully and safely at St Mary’s.
  7. That the parish church service will continue at 10.00 am each Sunday
  8. That the Church Centre and St Peter’s (who have all been contacted) will reopen in the autumn.

I had my first baptism since the start of Covid 19 at St Mary’s on Sunday which was wonderful and another next Sunday and a wedding on 19th September.

I feel I have come full circle now but have no real concept of what has happened in between now and last February.

I am away for three days this week, so a time to reflect and consider and hope!

The Food Hub has wound right down now but I am doing emergency hampers as well, so all donations gratefully received.

My thanks to Nikki this week for organising all the children’s summer work funding outcome sheets, both for the finance and for the data base.

That has been a big weight lifted, thanks Nikki.

We are praying for all our children and school staff as they return and for our Local Authority trying to avoid a Local Lockdown and we are all working together on this.

Perhaps an Indian summer would be lovely to relax in.

Take care and stay safe everyone, please let me know if you need anything at all.

The ball is in your court!

Love Beth