Parish Weekly Update – 20th September 2020

Dear all,

Well, we half expected it didn’t we?

To have tighter measures put around us to halt the cases of COVID rising but from a parish point of view it is as if nothing has changed.

We are still allowed 30 for weddings and funerals plus any church personnel.

We had a lovely village wedding yesterday (Saturday) which was beautiful in all which ways and brought joy and laughter and hope back into the church as our baptisms have done recently.

We had our first midweek Wednesday service last week since Lockdown and that was joyous.

These will continue every Wednesday at 10.15am as usual.

We are still keeping the numbers of those in the chancel/sanctuary taking part in the services as low as we can so as to save movement and increase safety.

I am continuing my Facebook prayers and these updates for a while yet and we will be meeting soon as Staff to discuss services and worship.

I am applying for funding to be able to live stream every service we have at St Mary’s and for a laptop and projector at the Church Centre.

This last week I received another £1,500 for families who are falling through existing thresholds, so our work goes on reaching out and building even more bridges.

It is amazing to think of all our services increasing so much with those worshipping with us online, and we must continue to resource them and to get to know them and love them all.

I am thinking of doing an online APLHA course type outreach in the new year, might be good for some to find out about Christianity in the safety of their own homes…

Nikki Matthews raised £505 for the Macmillan Coffee morning which exceeded last year by so much.

Thank you all for making that so successful.

Harvest Festival on 4th October will be just our normal 10.00 am Communion service at St Mary’s.

The uniformed organisations are not fully back yet so I don’t think they will be with us, but if you could bring some garden flowers or produce to the church on Saturday 3rd October earlyish morning, Chris and her team will put them all round the church.

Please bring too any tins, cans, packets of food that will keep and this year it will be divided between the Ark and Eastham Food Hub for emergency food as people need it.

Our Remembrance Service again will change for this year.

We will not be walking from the Church Centre as we can’t have so many in church so there will be a Service of Remembrance outside at the War Memorial on Sunday 8th November at 10.30 am.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who are surrounding this parish with so much of your energy and commitment. Your ministries are tireless and selfless,

Thank you all so much for all you do.   Beth x