Parish Weekly Update – 27th September 2020

Dear all,

This last week we have seen many different emotions coming to the surface.

From children and grandchildren going off to Uni and the frustration and loneliness there is as they are locked into their campus, with limited studies to do or new friends to make.

This month, too, we are absorbing information about furloughs ending, evictions starting again and school issues and exemptions to the Rule of Six yet again.

We have seen results to our Trace and Track which have shown Covid cases rising…think they fell a little yesterday (?)

In St Mary’s we now have our QR number up so people can sign in on their phones.

As I wind down from food shopping, packing and delivery, with all the summer work finished and with the Diocese waking like a slumbering dragon from its Covid and summer rest (!),  all the business and Diocesan meetings have restarted and, once again, the work of the parish, God’s vineyard, is becoming very tricky!

I truly do not want to limp through till the New Year ‘just doing the best we can’ but for each service between now and Christmas to be different, creative, and deep with God’s mystery and love.

We are having an extended ‘Staff Meeting‘  tomorrow night at the Church Centre to look at all of the issues and to put a structure together.

I will let you know, next update, what we have decided.

This weekend, though, is Harvest and I truly need your packets and tins and personal goods etc.

These will go to the Eastham Food Hub or the Ark this year.

There will be baskets and a wheelbarrow outside church for you to pit things in as you pass, or to take them to when the church is open – Wednesday 10.15 am, Friday and Saturday 11.00 am till 2.00 pm.

And, of course, on Harvest Sunday at 10.00 am. The service will be available to be printed on our website soon.

All Remembrance Day services can now not take place even at the War Memorial, but I am working creatively and safely on that!

I have applied for more funding this week.

  1. For another £1,000 for food to see us to Christmas and any meals we could offer.
  2. For another large tent, like our strong church tent, for us to use for our community work.
  3. For a projector, laptop and installation of WIFI at the Church Centre for the community to buy into
  4. For new tables for all our work at the Church Centre and
  5. For children’s tables and chairs, (solid wood) for St Mary’s.

I expect to be granted it all!

I have been taking photos to go with my Facebook prayers each day, but my garden is winding down a little now…you have seen it through all the seasons.

If anyone has any lovely pictures…could you please let me or Sue or Ian Fogarty have them please and we can use them on Facebook.

Ricky Montgomery from Ellesmere Port has re-joined us again as an Ordinand on his placement to Christmas with us. Welcome back, Ricky!

My thanks to Gail for organising a re-assembling of the choir now and for her input into our services and for weddings and funerals too.

Malcolm continues to bring richness to our worship and Ian is spearheading our digital work.

Mark is back teaching now, his input has been invaluable.

Thank you all.

I am here and available for a chat any time.

Take great care, Beth x