Parish Weekly Update – 4th October 2020

Dear all,

Well it has been a very trying week!

I always take the first two weeks off in October, so this was my first week of leave.

Be warned though I am accruing a lot of time off for next year!

We had an extended Staff meeting on Monday evening to discuss all the services between now and the New Year.

We shared thoughts and ideas and I hope you will agree with what I have eventually put together after hearing people’s views…it will be with you all next weekend.

We laid the gracious Edna Ingham to rest in our graveyard along with her late husband Ken.

It was a moving service with many tributes and memories.

I had five ZOOM meetings on different issues and four Microsoft Teams meetings as well to navigate but at least I am engaging with new technology, somewhat bemused though.

As a church we continue to connect with many hundreds of people in the community and further afield. Continuing to keep them within our extended church family will be a challenge but it is a God given opportunity and we dare not throw it away.

Harvest Festival was a delight with the choir singing and the image of the church all harvested out on our Facebook video was a treat to watch.

Much food and other items were brought into church, so thank you all for that and for those who ferried some of it down to my garden tent and for those who will deliver the rest to the Ark tomorrow.

We have now new restrictions laid on us again. However, please note that this is only for Wirral Borough Council. If you are in Willaston or Neston, for example, you come under Ellesmere Port and Neston Borough Council who are gloriously unaffected.

On the Wirral we are working very hard together (Sue and I are on the WBC Covid 19 Humanitarian cell group) and our figures are now dropping well and we have many testing sites up and running.

I am now a community ‘Champion’…that only means being responsible for cascading all Wirral advice and information down to my own people in my own community!

Much love and prayers for this coming week.