Parish Weekly Update – 19th October 2020

Dear all, I don’t know where the weeks are flying to!

We are now of course in a Local Lockdown here if we belong to Wirral Borough Council.

We will keep opening for private prayer and, of course, our 10.00 am Communion service and we are all safely distanced and the services are lovely.

We need to slowly build on that as we reach out to all those we don’t know who are worshipping with us.

We had a Staff Meeting yesterday and we have identified all the services between now and Christmas.

The Church Centre will have their own monthly service now and St Peter’s every other week.

We will review everything again in the New Year.

Keep an eye out on Facebook, our web page or these updates for more information.

We are having a week of children and family provision next week

Families are booking in well and, Monday and Thursday, they will have an activity pack centred around light and a choice of hot food and a picnic.

On Thursday they will all get a DIY Christingle pack and explanation and a chance to watch the Christingle service on Facebook to make on Sunday 1st November if they want.

There will be just five of us on site at the Church Centre. Nikki has organised everything brilliantly!

Please do pray for that.

The Magazine will have details of our Nativity project. The aim will be to have Jesus being born again all over this community!

Some church family news….Roy and Chris Munro’s house is up for sale.  I do so miss them, and Vinnie, who is very safe and very well.

Doreen Burrows’ son. Matthew, was awarded an MBE in the October Honours for the work he did helping fellow artists to continue showing and selling and encouraging and supporting them during the lockdown…Well done, Matthew, to a very proud Doreen and family.

Pam Scott’s sewing machine needs to go to a loving home…let me know if you can use it.

Stay safe this week, we will get through this shining bright…there is so much to look forward to as well even if it is hard to see it………..

Much love and prayers