Weekly Parish Update – 25th October 2020

Dear all

Well, the parish week has been a bit like the weather this week, some calm and still days, some days with a cool sharp edge and some days with wind and rain and these are the days when you just want to hide away from it all.

I have had to field some strong emotions this week back into God’s safe hands and be still and wait for his peace.

Nikki has worked so many wonders, with her efficiency and love, in creating the Half Term provision which we will run this coming week amidst, of course, all that angst against no free school meals for those children who would normally get one – often, for them, the only hot meal of the day.

There is a petition around to sign if you want. The link is at the bottom of this update.

The uptake has been wonderful with us having to cap the numbers at 100 children each day…but we will manage. Hot meals (Monday, sausages, smiley face potatoes and beans and, Thursday, hot pasta with ham and cheese) are being served with an activity pack focusing on light (Halloween this weekend) and, on Thursday, DIY Christingles! There will be an online service as well for all to watch by Nikki on Sunday at 4.00 pm.

I am hoping, too, to enable three younger people to come and provide some food as well this Friday…watch this space.

We now have the rota put together for all the services up to the New Year. This was not without some issues, but I hope I have resolved those.

We have our Parish AGM tomorrow. This is, of course, for 2019 but the reports all make inspirational reading! Thank you for keeping our strong vibrant parish continually flowing with love to God and each other.

As our creation slows down, building up its strength for the spring, we can rest too, knowing that Jesus is the Light of the World.

So, go and unearth those winter lights and shine on!
Take care of yourselves and each other,

Beth x

Link to petition: Change.org – Boris Johnson: Child hunger does not stop for the holidays – extend Free School Meals!