Weekly Parish Update – 8th November 2020

Dear all, I hardly know where to begin. Again!

Last week’s fiasco over Remembrance Day will have done much damage to people’s well-being.

Being told to watch the acts of remembrance instead, on the TV, has really upset a lot of people.

Here we had an act of commitment and the buglers and two minutes’ silence within the Remembrance Eucharist which was live streamed.

We then went out to the War Memorial where Emma’s beautifully painted and collected stones had been found by the children in the woods and brought to the village.

Again, we observed a two minutes’ silence with a few more people, before dispersing and going home quietly.

Some people went back into church to see a wonderful presention and reflection on the Two World Wars done by Tracey Fisher on our screen , which will be there for private prayer as well this weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday..11.00 am to 2.00 pm.

If you are able to do an hour’s slot on the Sunday, please let Sue Abraham know.

The remembrance month in the graveyard began this weekend, so do walk around that when you have your daily exercise. There are laminated guides at the Lych-gate

In all, I think I covered everyone’s thoughts and hopes. We in 2020 will always remember this.

This year 11th November itself falls this Wednesday, so after that, please do light up your homes however you can.

My favourites are the outside battery-operated lights on a six-hour timer. Wonderful!

The churches are now closed until further notice, but live streaming will still go ahead on Sundays at 10.00 am and Karen is hoping to resume her Wednesday 10.15 am worship as well.

I have high hopes and deep prayers that the Government may rethink keeping churches closed throughout November. There is no reason at all why we should not re-open for worship as all the Faith Leaders have so strongly pointed out!

With the new President Elect of the USA talking about COVID-19 being his first task to tackle (that was a roller coaster few days wasn’t it?), we are told that he is drawing up an apolitical team of scientists, virologists and economists etc, each with significant expertise in their own fields, to be able to advise and fight COVID in America.

A body of expertise…oh what a thought to hold onto.

The mass comprehensive testing, for all who want it, is going well in Liverpool after a couple of glitches, but Wirral are not included in that we have made our own plans which include the new saliva test with results within minutes. Watch this space and I will let you have more information as the news breaks.

Some things to do this week.

  1. The angels fly in on 29th November, how about making a Lockdown angel and pray for all those struggling at this time.
  2. Consider what you can do for our Nativity Trail which will begin at the start of December all over Eastham and pray that Jesus will be born again in the hearts and minds of our community here.
  3. Think of people who will be on their own this Christmas, let Jean Cullen or I know as we are delivering Christmas to them this year and prayer for all those alone, fretful and worried about being alone.

I am now making up ‘mental health packs’, calling them well-being boxes.

If you know anyone who is struggling and would like one, please let me know.

Or if you would like one yourself?

So, my wonderful people,  if you can, this week, hibernate with God a little, smile at a beautiful memory,  buff up a shine on a cherished dream and hold God’s love safely and deeply wherever you go.

Love Beth x

Ps. Sue Pridding is home with her daughter now having been discharged. She has amazed everyone at the hospital and we are so grateful.  Please get in touch if you would like her address so you can send a card.