Parish Weekly Updates – 15th November 2020

Dear all, I can’t wait to see all of you again!

We don’t know, of course, what the shape of our country, community or church will look like after 2nd December, and, after all the ‘Cummings and goings’ of this last week, I don’t think even the powers-that-be do.

One thing for sure is that we will not cancel Christmas even if our church services will have to be.

We can never cancel out the fact that God loved us so much, He sent his son to be part of his creation. Not arriving, striding onto the scene and the ready-made Messiah, but to be birthed and grow and learn from his mistakes and feel all of life’s events and emotions with us.

 Love, did indeed, come down at Christmas.

And we will celebrate that with as much richness and colour and light as we possibly can!

We have already had our Christingle service with Nikki and the DIY Christingles, over 200 of them, that went out in Half-Term.

Our Remembrance Day Communion and the Act of Remembrance outside following it has been so very well received and Emma’s pebbles were such a glorious idea.

The graveyard is open all November for our Remembrance Month so please do walk around that as one of your daily exercise perhaps.

Angels and Nativities are being prepared and logged on a Google map by Ian (is there no end to what he is doing for us?)  and we have prepared all of our Christmas services in one creative form or another.

Mark is busy now with school and chapel ministry but continues to support and lead us and I know many of you thrive on what he does. Thank to Karen, too, for her input on Wednesdays…do please pray for her and her empty cattery during lockdown as well.

I am on many different ZOOMs, five this week including Safeguarding, Faith and the Local Authority (!) and a lovely one this morning with my last parish in Stockton Heath (Great Budworth deanery), helping them to set up very much what we have been doing here.

The church has moved back into being open for private prayer on Sundays now and Mark and I continue to live stream our Sunday service…minimum staff only allowed though.

I have had a lot of request for wellbeing boxes for those who are struggling. They include a prayer shawl and holding cross, chocolate, preserves, music, a book of blessing or prayers or promises, a magazine, smellies and a plant.

Please do let me know if you know of any neighbours or friends who may like wone. This time of virus and winter and Lockdown is eroding much hope.

I am almost out of prayer shawls, so if you have one almost finished, please let me know.

I have some Advent resources put together as we move into that very precious season soon.

Please do begin to light up your home and our roads and Community with as many lights as you can. It is a joy to see them lighting up already.

And on a joyous note, it is only 37 days until the days start to lengthen again. Whoopee!

My love to you all, stay safe and warm, Bethx