Parish Weekly Updates – 22nd November 2020

Dear all, it is lovely to see the lights going up earlier than usual in Eastham…

’Let there be Light!’ is indeed a phrase to remember in these times.

We are eagerly awaiting a vaccine now. How wonderful that we have had such tremendously good results for the vaccines, all using, it seems, the same scientific process, and we should be able to start clawing our country back soon.

Spain will start in the New Year and by the summer they say a large proportion of the country will be vaccinated.

But, I am truly fed up though with the roller coaster of emotions that we are being put though by the media, the Government and Public Health England.

I want it to be all over now, to learn from our mistakes, to gain wisdom and insight into our experiences in COVID that have been good, simplifying, loving, caring and holding.

And as a church, to move on with strength and hope and trust.

The veil between the past and the future is now growing ever thinner and I know we are in the Celtic thin place of transience and journeying.  God has got many exciting challenges for us ahead, so, gird your loins!

But, for those who are struggling, I have wellbeing bags here. Please let me know.                                                                      I am personalising them so a name, and age would be good, so I can download uplifting music and radio that is appropriate.

‘We have many on our ‘Christmas to you’ boxes list and if you have any male or female small presents, please leave them in church when it is open, drop them off with me or I can collect!

My home is now a recycling depot. Each day new things come, 6’ Christmas trees, lights and baubles, food, recipes boxes, adult modelling clay and small kiln, pot plants and cuttings (!) as well as 50 old Bibles and 2 cat lit trays…new toys for children and a partridge in a pear tree. Glory…

But I wouldn’t have it any other way and it will all be a distant memory soon, won’t it?

I am continuing to raise funding for all that I/we are doing community wise, and, with some generous donations from you, I am not having to take any money out of our own church’s general funds.

I am expecting to be able to re-open the churches soon. I have put a full list of services in the Magazine now, in faith that it will all happen.

The team that are spearheading all of this is vibrant and energising, thank you all so much.

Ian continues to try out new things digitally and this week’s live streaming had many new angles and ways of looking at the church and it was really good.                                                                                                                   

He has also started up for us an online giving page which we can access and gift aid as well.

Please do let people know about that. Details in the Mag and on our webpage and Facebook.

The angels are flying in, in time for Advent Sunday this week, so we will be covered by images of God’s messengers to us all.

The Nativity Trail is taking on much energy now. Ian has devised a Google map we can use to log our Nativity’s on to.

So, as Advent leads us into Christmas, Baby Jesus will be born anew in Eastham and beyond and many will stand and look just as the shepherds, angels and wise men did. Not to mention the bemused animals, an awestruck Innkeeper and those, coming for the Census, that were just passing by….

Advent marks the beginning of the church year.

It will never be a year like this again, please God.

So this week, as even more instructions come our weary way, stay calm and peaceful, be shot through with hope and holy laughter and praise for an Almighty God, who deeply loves you as the most precious and unique person each one of you is.