Parish Weekly Update – 29th November 2020

Dear all,

As I am writing this, it is cold and miserable outside and feels like it’s time for hot chocolate and crumpets!

As we say goodbye to November and our month of Remembrance which has been so wonderful in our graveyard…we are now moving towards Christmas with remarkable speed.

Nativity’s are going up all over Eastham….Ian has made a designated Facebook page (Eastham Nativity Trail). Have a look at them, the map and photos are wonderful!

It is so lovely to see Baby Jesus being focussed on, in gardens and pavements and hedgerows and schools. I have got a box of sweets by mine! If you would like a tub of sweets for yours, let me know.

If you are doing one, please put the poster/sign up wherever it is. It is attached to this e-mail.

As the Lockdown finishes now, we will return to the church itself next Sunday 6th December and we will live stream it as well.

The only Christmas service that will not happen this year is the 4.00 pm Christmas Eve Crib service.  The thought of ticketing 80 from 700plus was just too much to bear.

In the magazine there is a list of all of the services and also of what we are doing over Christmas.

We now have 59 “Hearty Turkey Christmas Dinners with all the trimmings” to be given out with Christmas treats, food and gifts on either Christmas Day, Boxing Day or Sunday 29th December. which is so inspiring this year in itself.

If you can help deliver on any of those days, or know someone who would like one, please do let Jean know on 327 3317.

Thank you for all the donations of food and goodies that continue to come on my doorstep, and for those who anonymously put money in an envelope through my door.

Every penny will be so wisely spent.  I am surrounding you all with blessings as you come and go.

Thank you, too, to Ray, who calls me Vicar Beth, whoever you are, thank you! x

Now we are in Advent…a time for reflecting and thinking deeply about God and the reason He sent His Son to us. My Facebook prayers are very Advent this week to reflect that.

The church looks beautiful, the angels have flown in and the Christmas tree is up and looks glorious. The tree should go up in the Village too this week.

Last week I had two long digital Zoom sessions on Safeguarding so now I am up to date with all my legal stuff as well.

I have been asked by +Mark to stay on as Rural Dean for this Deanery, Wirral South, for the next three years, and this will bring me up to the maximum of 10 years. I can’t believe how quickly it has flown by.

We have so much hope now with vaccines becoming available soon and a reaching out into a new year with so much behind us.

So, keep safe everyone, don’t take risks, you are all too precious.

Remember its only 22 days before the days start getting longer!

If anyone is really struggling, please let me know, and I will arrange for a well-being bag to be delivered to you.

If there is anything you want or need, please do get in touch.

With much love and prayers and blessings, Bethxx