Parish Weekly Update 6th December 2020

Dear all,

Well it has been a roller coaster week! Firstly, we came out of Lockdown and have been put straight back into Tier 2. Christmas is complicated and confusing and concerning us all.

From Monday 7th December Eastham Library will be open all day every day for people to be tested who have NO symptoms. This is excellent news and right on our doorstep too. We are one of five Wirral based centres.

Then, if necessary, we can self-isolate and not spread covid around unknowingly..

Food and money have arrived daily at the Vicarage.

You are helping so very many people and families and situations.

It is far worse now than the first Lockdown but I have everything I need to meet people’s needs very quickly, whether it be gas, electric, food, winter bags,  well being hampers, food for those who are isolated or toys.

I have a great many new and re-newed toys and am wondering about asking people to turn up on a certain day in the CC and pick a toy for a child.

A massive thanks has to go to Biofentura on the Croft Estate who have taken Charity Funding to another level!  So many people will be grateful over the Christmas and New Year period and to Mandy who suggested us to them.

Nikki sorts out all my receipts and keeps me on track when I need to justify the funding I have had. Thanks Nikki.

The Nativity Trail is growing. Hope you have all seen it on our Eastham Nativity Trail Facebook page? I can’t thank Ian enough for all that he is doing.

Keep sending them in, with a photo if possible. No matter how small or large. People were out trailing the Nativity’s with their families yesterday and it was magical…please do yours if you can?

My Nativity is out but I put the wrong head on the wrong body and now Mary is flat chested, but Joseph is well endowed, but hey ho!

I am having problems with the Community Tree in the Village which is waiting to be put up and attached to the street lighting.

The Council said they would deal with the tree and the ighting, we got the tree, they said they couldn’t and now our Ward Councillors are trying to sort it out.

We had a glorious ‘Advent Service’ yesterday with a much larger choir and a beautiful sound and a wedding family (31st December) this year, and a church family funeral for 21st December and a baptism to sort for next week.

 This week is the last week for all ZOOM/Microsoft Teams meetings and I have 10 booked through the week from Rural Deans’ meetings with +Mark (I have accepted a final three year period taking me up to my full 10 years stint) to Zooms with schools, the Council COVID-19 mtg,  a Diocesan podcast (the Diocese have found out about my Facebook prayers and tracked me down) to a Faith ZOOM.

My tree is up but I don’t have the wherewithal even to decorate anything at the moment.

Sebastian sends purry love. He sleeps in the warmth wherever he finds it most of the day (which I would love to do).

So, keep praying and smiling and hang on in everyone.

 Hold your nerve, the vaccine is coming, and the angels are hovering.

My love to you all, I am here if any needs me for anything, Bethxx