Parish Weekly Update – 14th December 2020

Dear all,

Another week, another multi-layered action packed, communal!

Food is coming in and going out, thankfully received and so generously donated by so many of you.

Each little prayer, each phone call, each little note has helped to keep my resilience and stamina levels up.

Words can’t thank you all enough.

We have over 40 Nativities up in Eastham now and it has been such a joy.

On Thursday we are going to work in the CC putting together the Christmas bags for over 70 people at the moment. The meals are being delivered that day and will go into our cleaned out and ready freezers.

The toys so many of you have lovingly donated or re vamped will be put out in the CC and we are inviting people to come and take them and wrap them from Father Christmas. Please do pass the word around!

This Christmas, it has not been so much about food but about gas, electric and toys. All of which, because of funding and donations, we can provide.

Please do let me know if there is anyone that needs anything.

A little flurry this week of baptisms and a wedding between now and the New Year which is wonderful as well as two funerals.

We had a wonderful service of lessons and carols at St Peter’s yesterday with Gail and Steve and Atie. The CC will be having their’s next week at 11.00 am.

On Christmas Eve we will be having a Midnight Mass at St Mary’s at 10.30 pm.

Please do stay at home and watch it live streamed if you can.

I truly do not want to have to ticket this or have a first come first served situation, but I do want those who would only perhaps come for Christmas and Easter to be able to walk in and worship!

My Facebook Prayers have been noticed by the Diocese and so I have produced a Podcast with the Communications Officer, Jim, to highlight what can be done to engage people prayerfully and spiritually using Facebook (thank you, Ian) so very easily.

On a personal level I bought the Christmas Tree from hell and last week, before it was decorated (it still only has its lights on) I came down one morning and all the needles had fallen off. It looked like locusts had flown in and three inches of needles from a very large tree lay underneath it.

The ensuing taking photos, having the tree taken away, buying a new one from a different garden centre and having it put up again, not to mention the clearing up of my hall and pathways nearly was the last straw.

I make lists each day and what isn’t achieved gets put on the start of the next day’s list and on we go…


The first vaccines have been rolled out today and we give thanks to God for science, technology and a steely determination to eradicate COVID-19 one day.

Only a week now till the shortest day…soon the crocuses will be out. All things pass.

Each day I am searching for a miracle and each day I find one in the most surprising places.

Stay cosy, keep smiling and praying and looking out for each other.

My love to every one of you.