Parish Weekly Update – 4th January 2021

Dear all, Happy New Year!

Except for many it isn’t happy, but we live in hope and prayer that it will slowly become far happier than it is. That’s all I am longing for…and to stay warm.

If you know anyone who is struggling to stay warm, I have funding to help that, please please let me know.  

Last week for me was utterly chaotic, moving weddings (to avoid the tier issues), an emergency baptism, dealing with people and families who are struggling mentally to cope and all the post-Christmas funerals (the post New year ones are beginning to filter through now), as well as all the daily routine work and catching up with all my 31st December official deadlines.

I am beginning to look to the future of the church with some excitement and a little trepidation!

There will be a series of Saturday morning meetings towards the end of January, all being well, to begin to assess all we have absorbed in the past months and weave it into our worship, mission and serving for the next few years,

We will begin with the technical/digital/creative worship ‘stuff’ …this is my intelligent and deeply theological word for all Gods work this COVID-19 time.

If this side of things interests you at all, or you know of someone who would like to be involved, please let me know.

Ian is going to run training sessions as well.

We as a Staff team are still very busy behind the scenes.

Nikki is planning our Half Term work with families and Nikki and Natalie are putting together a digital Lent Course for us this year as we will probably still be unable to meet in House Groups as we have done in past eras. Jean is continuing to co-ordinate volunteers for me.

Ian is looking at how we can also be accessed by YouTube as well as Facebook.

Many people just do not like that side of ‘social media’ so YouTube would be good to have as well.

Diane is working on recovering our Gift Aid. Please remember to give or we cannot get the tax back! You can also give on-line now.

Anne is writing weekly prayers and services  and holding the rota together.

Karen is eager to start our new upbeat modern worship as well.

Philip is waiting for the Magazine articles to come in.

We are all working together with others as well.

If you have any inspiring words or poems or wisdom to put in the mag please send it to please?

I had a mid-week mini break booked but that has been cancelled so I am here if anyone needs anything.

As a New Year begins to take root, we as a Diocese are looking to our new Bishop, +Mark,  to re-focus ourselves on God’s will for us in Chester and to inspire encourage and resource us in our work for God.

Now he needs so much prayer so please remember him…it must feel like an upward struggle for him at the moment.

So wonderful people, stay warm, stay close to God, know each one of us is connected through prayer and faith with one another. We are not alone. And we have the love and presence of our mighty and invincible God.

Love, prayers and blessings, Bethxx