Parish Weekly Update – 18th January 2021

Dear all, well, a much quieter week last week.

Mark and his family send much love. I know Mark is missing being with us, but he needs to stay safe. He is teaching and working from home and we send much love back to you all, Mark.

We are now at least beginning to see a slight flattening out of cases (from Wirral Borough Council dashboard stats) and a good increase in the vaccines being rolled out.

My own GP practice is now doing 70 to 75’s having done all very vulnerable and over 75’s already. Gordon had his on Saturday and I am being called within a week I am told…we’ll see.

We do need to continually pray through this though and give God the glory for what our experts and scientists have been able to do.

This Wednesday we see a shift of power in America and so we need to hold them all in our prayers too.

I have a fair few funeral in at the moment.  I did two last week and two for most weeks to come really.

Out in the community, the main problem appears to be with Track and Trace (again).

No one can get Council help unless they have the track and trace code which identifies people and tells them to stay home but there appears to be a big blip on the Wirral and we are waiting for it to be sorted.

So, I am filling the gaps at the moment in all the ways I can.

Many Anglican churches have now closed for the duration.

The Guidelines still say we can make our own local decisions.

I still feel that we are giving people choice by live streaming the services so people can stay home.

Certainly, many did that yesterday, but we still had beautiful worship in church which was joined by many more digitally and a wonderful service at St Peters, full of love and laughter. You all are really wonderful, so thank you as well, Mike and Dot.

St Peters have changed the time of their services till 11.00 am which means that at least I can get there. The Church Centre will meet hopefully for only the second time since the first lockdown next Sunday.

If anything does change, Sue (having her cataract done tomorrow after having to self-isolate for two weeks) will let you all know.

Nikki and I are planning the Half Term family provision now and hopefully we will see a loosening of restrictions by them.

I was supposed to be on a mid-week break this week, but I put it back to the end of January and now have put it back to the end of February. You may have to scoop a Vicar off the floor by then!

It is now really easy to donate to the church online, details are on our Facebook page and web page (thank you, Ian) and also in the Magazine (thank you Philip).

We do need though to have more cleaners for the church on Saturday mornings. There are only two at the moment

and we also need someone tech savvy to receive my Facebook prayers each Sunday and put them on for the week.

That would really help Ian, and he will be able to guide you through it.

So, till next week…I hope many more of you will be able to be vaccinated.

So, stay warm, stay calm, hope and smile and pray and give thanks for all things around you that are part of your own support structure.

I have most things people may need here so just let me know if you hear of anyone in any kind of need.

Take great care, with much love, Beth xx