Weekly Parish Update – Midweek Update – 20th January 2021

Dear all,

Following a meeting today with Wirral Borough Council, I have decided (with permission from my Wardens (!)) to close the church for all services bar funerals on a weekly basis.

I have made this decision purely on the occupancy levels of Arrowe Park and the Countess.  Arrowe Park is at 92% occupancy and the Countess is at 95%.

We know that this will increase for the next 10 days or so before decreasing but, at this point in time, in all integrity, we should not be having services on Sunday at two churches and mid-weekly.

We will continue to livestream on a Sunday, myself and a tech person (Karen or Ian) but private prayer will also stop for the moment.

I feel saddened as I have strived so hard not to do this as you know, but also feel this is the right thing to do. My thanks for all my team who have made this church such a safe, beautiful place to worship in. This is not about the safety of the church itself. 

I will weekly review this after my Covid meetings with the Council on Wednesdays and will work with Ian on alternative ways of reaching those not able to digitally connect.

It is so important to be able to ‘sing the Lord’s song in a strange land’ (Boney M) so I am asking you to pray, keep the Lord’s song loud and clear in prayer and in acts of kindness,..and give God the glory  for his work in the miracle of the vaccine.

My love and prayers to you all..oodles of it. Bethx

PS I am here if you need me for anything, You are my eyes  and ears for those struggling.   I have the tent and some funding!