Weekly Parish Update – 25th January 2021

Dear all, another week of all that makes January so long!

We then have it topped with the Lockdown, incessant COVID-19 arguments with all the contradictions. Fear, confusing messages and a new American President!

At least last Wednesday there didn’t seem to be any trouble of riots and fights and Trump left quietly and Joe Biden took over.

I thought a lot last week about the Evangelical Christian Church in America who so believed that Trump was the God ordained, right-wing President who would uphold their principles.

We do need to pray for them and for the wider church in America too.

As you saw in the mid-week update, I decided to close the churches for the time being.

This was solely based on the occupancy figures in Arrowe Park.

My promise to you all is that, when we can safely return, we will ease ourselves back into worshipping in church once more.

Thank you for all your messages of encouragement and support over this decision!

My Staff team have led the way in this, thank you all.

I am continuing to support families and those on their own who need anything at all. Please do let me know.

Or if you know anyone struggling mentally. I have well-being boxes ready to go out.

It does seem to me, though, as if we are not being allowed any sense of true perspective in all of this.

One thing I do know is that God will bring a deep sense of goodness and blessings out of all of this. We just need to trust him.

I have changed my Facebook prayers somewhat to address this!

It is lovely to hear of so many from the  church and parish, now receiving the vaccine.

We have been told this variant is 30% more deadly but this came as a huge surprise to the BMA who joined together to contact the powers that be and say they hadn’t heard of that.

Just trust, pray, have the vaccine if you can and look out for robins and sparkle and love!

Pastorally I am very aware that things are not as they should be and so I am taking steps to fill in as many gaps as I can.

Please let me know if any one is being missed out, Mags, updates and my prayers can all be delivered…just let me know 327 2182 or beth.stmarys@gmail.com.

I am putting some creative ways of praying for people together at the moment.

These include:

Creating a prayer and spirituality page for the website (thank you, Ian)

A request for prayer page which will then be taken up by the Circle of Prayer (thank you, Lynn)

And a place on the Webpage where we can digitally light candles for those bereaved or who are holding someone in prayer themselves – the people we would have lit candles for if we were in church.

Ian and I are working on a way you can hear my Facebook payers and sermons by phone as well!

Glory, we are creative here at St Mary’s and if you have any other thoughts, please do let me know.

I am aware too that some people may just love to lift up the phone and chat.

For those who want to do that,  Doreen Burrows is on; 01697478426.

She is still in touch with so many people from the parish up on the family farm in Cumbria and is indeed my long-distance pastoral, parish worker.

She would love to sit and chat and just be there for you.

Albert and Margaret Rusling would also love to be able to listen and chat.

Their number is; Albert and Margaret 01271 549100

 And nearer to home; Ray and Valmai Bonnard, so very involved in pastoral, bereavement and the Samaritans, would also love to hear from people and their number is; Ray and Valmai 327 8631

There is so much we can offer each other and everything we do will be blessed by God, so please do ring them, or myself as well.

A basket of the February magazines is in the Vicarage porch if anyone would like to take one for themselves or others? 

So, until next week,

Stay safe within the guidelines, please do have the vaccine when offered, pray for warmth and hope and bubbles of laughter which I believe de-stress us all so quickly.

My love and blessings to you all,