Parish Weekly Update – 1st February 2021

Dear all,

Turning a corner today, it’s the First of February…white rabbits! (don’t know what that meant but Mum used to say that if it wasn’t the first thing we came out with on the first of the month we would have bad luck for the rest of it…she was so superstitious.

It is so sad not to be back in church again, but I don’t think that there is too much choice at the moment.

Although numbers of cases are certainly dropping, Arrowe Park is still under so much pressure.

If occupancy goes down sufficiently this had gone slightly up last week, we will start by opening the church for Private Prayer again.

The following week we will open on Wednesday, if the numbers continue to fall, then on Sundays as well.                        

+Mark knows I am reviewing weekly which is in contrast to other churches remaining closed until at least March.

Funerals continue to be held in church, but all weddings are postponed for now.

Ash Wednesday is such a pivotal time in our church’s year, I am minded to have our usual 7.00 pm Communion service and reflection (no anointing though!) at St Mary’s as a one off.

Watch this space everyone…we could possibly live stream it as well.

Christmas tide is now over, and we go back into green for a couple of weeks now before being plunged back into purple again for Lent.

I am working on creative ideas for Holy Week this year as well.

There are so many complex needs in our community at the moment, but this last week, two members of this wonderful parish have made wonderful donations to us as we alleviate whatever we can.

Someone else put the most wonderful food and household donations on my porch as well as other items which are so badly needed and so gratefully received.

Bless you all so richly for all that you continue to do.

Nikki has put together all the Half Term holiday provision and Ian will Eventbrite it soon so people can book a place. She has managed to cover Pancake Tuesday, Lent, and spring as well as the food and so much more.

Karen has added a music section to our Facebook prayers which is wonderful and my thanks to Scott (Robson) who will soon be taking over the posting on Facebook.

I had five ZOOM meetings last week and a Microsoft Teams meeting, and I am turning very square!

We are now saying goodbye to Bishop Keith of Birkenhead who has been with us for 14 years.

We are now looking for two assistant Bishops to take over and inspire us. The Diocese truly does need to be held in your payers.

The Vicar of Willaston announced his resignation publicly yesterday and I have now received my official papers as Rural Dean to start the process of helping Willaston (our neighbouring parish of course) to advertise for and interview for a new incumbent there.

Please hold them in your prayers as well.

On a personal note, I have decided to have my study rejuvenated in Lent.

The sheer amount of books, paperwork, files, ecclesiastical law stuff etc is now overwhelming me..I think because I am spending so much time locked in it!

Just to clear it all out for painting is frightening me, so I will do a bit each day..well that’s my cunning plan.

So, stay warm and snuggled wherever you are.

If you need me for shopping, food etc just let me know.

If you hear of anyone whom we as a parish could walk alongside…you are all my local champions.

Love to you all, and lumpy blessings (smooth ones are never as exciting!)