Parish Weekly Update – 15th February 2021

Dear all,

Well, that was the coldest two weeks I can remember for a very long time!

Last week was chock full of funerals, business meetings and Zooms and trying to keep the Vicarage warm.

This week is less chilly and white but it’s also our half term week and our children’s provision, organised and headed up by Nikki, has got off to a flying start at the Church Centre.

Over 100 bags of food (pancakes and pasta today and other wonderful treats) went out as well as books and dolls and trolls and a scooter. A doll’s house and bike have also been earmarked.

It was a wonderful atmosphere and my quote of the day, from a mum whose family I helped out at Christmas said;

‘Its wonderful what you are doing here as a church, Beth.

I tell all my friends, you don’t have to believe in God for Him to do things for you!’

Think about it…how lovely is that.

On Thursday we have our next session, pizzas and treats will go out as well as all the other freebies donated to us.

I also have two beautiful Moses baskets, on stands and lots of new born baby nappies as well. . just shout!

Our Ash Wednesday services is at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 17th at St Mary’s with a congregation but will also be live streamed.

Boris Johnson is speaking to the nation (!) on Monday and as hospital occupation levels continue to drop, I plan to open the church for private prayer from 26th February with St Mary’s then open for the following Sundays and Wednesdays as usual.                                                                                                             

Well, that’s the plan at the moment.

Easter feels like a long way away in my planning but will come around in a few short weeks and I have no ideas about what shape it will take, or what will happen in Holy Week at all, but I am planning.

Mothering Sunday, a year from when we closed down in March 2020, will also be very different as we cannot have the sheer numbers that we used to have. But I am planning for that as well.

Please do keep our schools and all of our generation of children in your hearts and minds. This is such a difficult time for families at the moment.

I have just postponed a midweek break for the fourth time today and cancelled a holiday in May postponed from October last year. We are all feeling quite edgy, I know.

We can only rejoice in the vaccine, rejoice in God’s love and rejoice in the love and care we have for each other!

Stay protected and held by God this Lent, let him reach deep within you and clothe you with his peace.

Please let me know if there is anything I can to do you or for others that you know,

With love and prayers,