Slate War Headstones

On a recent walk through St Mary’s grave yard, Terri-Anne noticed a slate war grave. She sent us a message as she had not seen war graves this colour – neither had we.

David Allen did a bit of research and contacted the Commonwealth War Graves Commission asking about slate headstones and we now have an answer….

Thank you for your recent e mail. With regard to your query, although most Commission headstones are made from Portland stone, over 30 different natural stones have been used over the years.

Some were tried experimentally and others were chosen on economic grounds related to local availability and the weathering capabilities required for different climates and situations.

Experimental materials include British limestones, sandstones, granites and slates, along with Greek and Italian marbles. In areas such as Cornwall and North Devon however, certain types of granite and slate, which are more resistant to the conditions inherent in a coastal climate, are used and granite is also used widely in Scotland.

The Commission headstones in this particular St Mary’s churchyard are made of Portland, Slate and Stancliffe.”

Thank you Terri-Anne for asking the question as nobody knew the answer.
Anyone have any other questions about the Church or the local area, send us a message and we can see what we can do to find the answer