Parish Weekly Update – 22nd February 2021

Dear all, as I am writing the sun is streaming through my window, the tete-a-tete daffs are smiling, the Lenten roses are a delight and my large shop in the Tent has survived the strong recent winds.

Today is what I call one of February’s soft days….

Our PM hasn’t spoken yet (!) but I am now moving to open up the churches once again… this time I pray they will never have to shut again.

Last Wednesday evening, Ash Wednesday, we had a lovely service in church that was also live streamed with lots of people joining in.  This Friday and Saturday the church will be open for private prayer from

There will be a 10.00 am service on Sunday from now on and, from next week, each Wednesday at 10.15 am, both with a congregation.

I pray you will feel ready to venture out a little but the Sunday service will still be live streamed so you can stay home if you want as well.

Last week, the uptake for the children’s food (DIY meals and activity packs) put together mainly by Nikki, nearly outsold itself with 100 bags going out on each of the two days.

Together with free books, toys, pencils and colouring books, it was a real treat for these lockdown children and their carers.

I have just applied for funding for our Easter provision to feed 200 children each week as we did for Half term just gone and also an open Vicarage day with Picnic boxes…I know we will exceed that!

Jean and I are working on providing Lent/spring bags for our older people as well.

Chris is organising Mothering Sunday, more details about that next week.

I have no idea what shape Easter will be. In my heart I would love it in my garden with a congregation….weather permitting… or failing that, just me under a canopy, we’ll see.

I am hoping there will be a designated Lent Page this year on our Website…our Facebook page is wonderful. Thank you, Chris and Ian.

This Lent, we are looking at the work of the Repair Shop and the inner work God longs to do with us to restore and renew us.

People have asked what our Lent offering will be this year.  I thought it should be MIND.

Many of our church family have their own experiences and have seen first-hand how mental health issues can severely affect a family and then there is this pandemic and these destructive Lockdowns which I pray will significantly ease soon.

So in the weeks ahead…the colours of the spring flowers are getting more vibrant each day.. as we are (!) so pile on the hope, stir in the joy and feel the love God has for each one of us.

I am here if you need anything at all.

With much love and prayers and Lenten blessings, Bethxxx

PS…the new LIDL is coming on a treat on the Croft!