Parish Weekly Update – 1st March 2021

Dear all…the first day of spring..what a wonderful milestone it feels. The tete-a-tete daffodils are out with the primroses and the colours with the glorious sunshine and blue skies are enchanting.

This last week has been difficult for many people but the lure of schools as they beckon all the children back next week must feel like a godsend to mums, dads and carers who have been working from home, home schooling and juggling with wellbeing, feeding and heating issues. We, as a Parish, have gone a great way to helping them wherever we can. Thank you for all your donations and support. I just couldn’t do it without you.

Last week the church opened on Friday and Saturday quietly for private prayer.

People can walk in freely but the church will not be manned as such.

All the crosses and other such items are in the vestry which will remain locked from both the choir side and the main church side.

On Sunday, we had our first service with a congregation for a while which was so satisfying for everyone. To worship together is so important to us all. My thanks again to Gail, Atie and the other choir members but also to Malcolm who, of course, takes our worship to another level.

This week we say goodbye to Syd Scott, his service is at 11.00 am on Tuesday.

His family have said that we, as the church, can have Pam and Syd’s pots which they loved doing and which Syd has worked on over the winter. What a lovely gesture for us to remember them by.

Services at 10.15 am on Wednesday re-start this week (3rd March) and in the evening there is a ZOOM Lent course that Nikki and Natalie are running.

Please let Sue know by replying to this update if you want to join in and she will send you the link.

The Woman’s World Day of Prayer would have been this Friday at 2.00 pm. It would have been hosted at our church because of my links with Vanuatu but that will be videoed instead and will go out on Facebook.

It will also have  pictures of my time in Vanuatu with music and a talk.

I am thinking about whether to keep our services at St Mary’s to 10.00 am on Sundays.

There are many good reasons for this but if there are any people who feel very strongly that it should revert back to 9.15 am, please let me know.

This has been made possible as well by St Peter’s offering to move their service to 11.00 am. Thank you so much SP’s.

Could you please reply to this Update and Sue and Irene, as our wardens, will then take the proposal to the PCC.

This is NOT a Vicar’s decision!

So, as we venture slowly into spring, enjoy the longer days, the sunshine and warming sun.

I am here, so please do let me know if you need anything,