Please remember Social Distancing

Hi all

We have had a complaint from the Community Police with regard to members of the congregation breaking Lockdown rules on Sunday, both outside the church doors and on the pavement at the bottom of the steps.

Some were not socially distancing, some were not wearing masks, some people were seen speaking for a long time and it frightened some older people walking along Stanley Lane and angered another as ‘the church should know better’/showing a better example’.

This cannot be allowed to happen again or the church may have to be closed. In future, please do not stop to ‘chat’ after the service,

If you need to speak to Beth, could you just make it brief and then she can ring for a longer chat?

Members of the congregation must also remember to follow the safe distancing rules both inside and outside church. There must be no gathering in groups, even of two people. This must apply until you are back in your cars or, if walking, well away from the church grounds. We cannot be seen to be flouting the legal regulations.