Spring Garden Project 2021

We have an idea to produce a spring garden using recycled waste, plastic milk containers, yogurt pots, water & juice bottles, etc. initially this was for the children to be involved in an art project. However if any grown-ups would like to get crafting that’s OK too. Why should it just be the kids having the fun!

Above are a few ideas to help get people started, there are lots of other ideas on the Internet, the only limit is your imagination.
We used poster paint mixed with a bit of PVA glue on some samples we tried. Acrylic paint works too. Just remember that it will be set up outside so plastic will weather better than paper & card. The creations can be as big or small as you want to make them.

We have a collection point already set up. Please drop them off in the boxes just over the wall in the Sheep field (opposite the blocked off end of St David’s Road).

The aim is to have the Spring garden in place for 14th March, Mothering Sunday. Hopefully by Easter Sunday we will also have our new born lambs to finish off the garden