Parish Weekly Update – 5th April 2021

Hallelujah! He is Risen!

Dear all,

We have moved into Eastertide now with those wonderful words ringing in our ears.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a joyous occasion attended by many, both in church and online.

Last week though was a deep and varied Holy Week which resonated with so many people.

Even though Maundy Thursday was scaled back, it was still so symbolic and, throughout Holy Week as it was two years ago, there was an act of worship each day or evening.

The Walk of Hope has proved so wonderful, and this will carry on through this week.                                                              The lambs have now arrived at the small holding in Ferry Road, and it looks so full of light and love!

Apologies for numbering these.

  1. A year after our first Lockdown, I am going to create a Parish Covid Diary. 

I don’t want to miss anything out, so if you can remember something special we did, or that you remember us doing, could you please respond to this via email to Sue or let me know – email would be best or leave a message?

It would be good to have, and for me to be able to make sense of what happened to me, us, the church and the community this last year. Thank you in advance….

  • So many people enjoyed the theme of Good Friday this year.

I spoke, preached and talked about it and Karen took it up as her own ministry and offering to us this Lent and it was such a wonderful theme for Good Friday and we will continue to work with that theme.


I had comments at church and online about wanting to have something like that each Good Friday. And, as I said yesterday, this was COMPLETELY missing the bigger picture, which was all the many families and children who came to church each Good Friday, now couldn’t, as we were in Lockdown. It really saddened me.

This was a service that had built up over the years. They received something at the door to put on the cross as they arrived. When they did that, they took something else off and then did something creative that we could display at the end of the service.

         Remember the mosaic cross and the Ragman and the banners etc?                                                                       

        Margaret and the children also made Holy Week something special for us all.  Joyous, creative, never solemn and ended with a look towards Easter as, for so many, this was their Easter worship.

We have lost all our children’s work this last year.                                                                                         Nikki and I have worked hard to make sure each child received a book about the Easter story to read in all the Easter provision we have done, but it is just not the same as seeing families come up to the cross together, little ones lifted high and praising God for the Love that he gives to us.  

3.     The time is right, I feel, to look seriously at a part-time family and children’s worker (about £12,500 per year) to keep us focussed and work with the children (upwards of 50 per week pre-Covid) to re-establish this vital ministry.

I don’t think that is beyond us?

Though I do realise that the general finance will also have to be looked at soon, I truly do not want to tie both these things in together. What do you think? What a beautiful living legacy.

  • A regular pattern of worship is now established. Every Sunday and Wednesday at the parish church, twice monthly at St Peter’s and monthly at the Church Centre for the time being till all restrictions are finally lifted.

5.      We will soon have an upgraded system for live streaming, both via Facebook and also via YouTube which is not social media and you do not have to register. This is being funded by an anonymous donor. Thank you so much and it will go such a long way to making things relevant, modern and appropriate.

So now, with Jesus risen and the cross left empty on the ground, we now become people of the Resurrection..filled, joyous, expectant and ready to be challenged (!) by God afresh.

And all the people said? AMEN!

Please let me know if you or any one you know needs anything at all.

My love and prayers to you all this Eastertide, Bethxx