Parish Weekly Update – 12th April 2021

Dear all,

As you will all know, this was a very difficult week.   

In fact, I have never known an Easter week as complex.

As Rural dean, I had prepared Wirral South churches to have their Commemoration Books and photos to hand for the death of a senior royal.

When the sad news about Price Philip was announced, the book was up in a heartbeat and, as you know, we extended the open hours at the church. Then we were told we couldn’t have the Book displayed, then we were told that the Cathedral would be having a Book to sign, so I took that to mean we all could, and then we were told no one could as it was all to be done digitally…even for the Cathedral as well.

Well, I was not going to have that so, as many of you know, I created my own gold-bordered slips which many of you filled in on Sunday for me to paste into the book itself.

If anyone would like to to add theirs though, please send them either to Sue or myself and I will make sure they go in.

The Book will then be kept in the floor safe until such a time when it will go, together with our wonderful Queen’s book, at a later date.

I also arranged for a bugler (thank you, Ian) at the start of the service on Sunday with the Last Post, then  a minute’s silence in respect and then the Reveille. It was so very beautiful and strong.

Personally, I am so pleased the Queen and Prince Philip have had a quiet year together without any engagements, because of COVID, and she will be spared the massive state funeral, keeping the numbers to 30 in solidarity with us all.

Our love and prayers remain with the Royal Family at this time.

In order to attract more families with children to St Mary’s, I have asked Janet Scothern to make me some soft play bags which we can have at the back of church for our little ones.  If you have any ideas what we can put in them, please let me know.  I also have funding for new wooden little tables and chairs to go at the back of the church.

The Repair Shop will stay up for another week or so to make sure everyone sees what a beautiful thing it has been for us to focus on.  Thank you so much, Karen.

I am now receiving referrals from our Wellbeing Practitioner for Eastham GP’s and we now have many different problems that we need to be able to help with.

Jean has a team of volunteers who can help with all this new work (as well as our normal feeding families) and if you would like to be a part of that or just be able to make a call to someone each week, please let Jean or myself know.

The Delamere Centre has stopped all food deliveries now.

Our Lenten charity this year has been the Mental Issues charity MIND, which means a lot to many people.

There will be a final collection this Sunday or you can give on our online giving page on the website or Facebook. 

As our communities, shops and facilities all open up this week, we still need to be cautious, stay socially distant and wear our masks.  

All this will be over sooner if we continue to stay safe now!

Please let me know if I can help anyone in any way, love and prayers as always, Bethxxx