Parish Weekly Update – 19th April 2021

Dear all,

It’s amazing how the sunny and warmer weather is lifting our spirits so much.

I am out in my garden more and trying to cope with a spread of ground elder that has resulted in the whole of one of my beds being covered with weedkiller and everything being dug up. Starting again isn’t easy. It was my cottage garden bed so if you are dividing any such plants I would love to have them and put a donation into church funds!

We saw the remarkable funeral for Prince Philip last weekend, and it was truly special.                                  

His Book of Condolence is filling up well. It’s not too late if you want to let me have something to put in?

I was please to hear that the A/Bishop of York was saying that he hoped that online services would continue and that they would start to bring a trickle of new people coming to the services themselves after worshipping with us in the safety of their own homes!

To that end, Jan Scothern has already made me some soft play bags for children coming into church on Sunday mornings to join with us and I am beginning to fill them up now. These will also have some non-chocolate biscuits (the ones you can get, just 2 in a pack) and some fresh fruit juice in as well.

I have also thought about connecting us more as we live stream and I thought that each Sunday, after the notices, we would light a candle in church and then those at home could also light a candle, real or battery operated, at the same time and at the end, we extinguish them together.

I thought that might be something we could easily do?

Our baptisms and weddings are also moving now and as I gear up to return to a new normal, I am trying to even myself out by easing other things down, but I think for now.. I am just trying to run everything together for a while longer. Thank you to all of my volunteers.

Our Well-being Officer for Eastham, who works within our GP practices, is keeping me very busy with referrals of all kinds of problems and we are, also, still delivering food, putting money for clothes on ASDA cards, gas and electric and much, much more.

The Delamere Centre have stopped distributing food bags now as they concentrate on opening their premises, as Jean Cullen is now at the Church Centre, but we will go on for as long as God gives us the funding together with all your donations…you are a right royal parish, thank you!

Our Lent project has now closed, and we hope to have raised £500 for MIND, a charity that helps those with mental health issues in any way.

I am hoping to be away for a few days next week. I have never felt so exhausted, for so long!

Please pray it WILL happen and my brown bin WILL be emptied without me pleading(!).

Much love to you all. Let me know if there I anything I can do.

Stay safe and well,