Parish Weekly Update – 10th May 2021

Dear all, well, I don’t know about you, but I feel I am still dragging myself through treacle!

It doesn’t feel like May yet, frosts and hail abound still, and I am holding back on my half-hardy plants.

I am now holding funeral and wedding visits in my garden with blankets (!) and next week at least should give us all some respite.

I do think though we still need to be cautious and not get too de-mob happy yet, but it is a temptation.

Numbers at the parish church continue to rise as people are now feeling more confident which is wonderful.

We are continuing with the pattern of two monthly services at St Peter’s and one at the Church Centre at the moment.

We have been awarded more funding for our Half Term children’s work and picnic/bake at home, so Nikki is hard at work yet again.

ASDA have awarded us £650 of (mostly) tinned meat and fish which will be delivered tonight to the tent in my garden. Five cars are needed to pick them all up and my wonderful tent is still standing, tall and proud, after the winter vagaries.

The community work is beginning to drop now which is such good news as most families are able to cope a little better, especially as the hospitality industry opens up yet again. What a big difference that has made this last month, just with being able to eat outside.

With the weather getting slightly (!) warmer, this is also helping with people’s gas and electric as well.

What a demanding, soul-destroying at times and incredible 15 months this has been for me.

 I pray God we will never ever see the like again.

I will never talk about it at length, I can’t, but like Mary did; ‘and Mary kept all these things in her heart.’ they will stay forever within the very fabric of my being.

I have made such wonderful friends borne out of adversity and they will always be very close to me.

I praise God daily on behalf of all of us.

My deepest thanks to Jean Cullen and to the volunteers who have delivered for me as well as those who have helped listen and build bridges and enabled people to put roots down again with me.

As well as all the other points I brought up for prayer last week, as we as a church move out of Covid…other thoughts have arisen.

Parish Finance needs to be radically addressed.

As we now begin to return to the weekly leaflets in church, is there any need for a parish update each week? I am quite happy but only if there is a need?

We are almost ready now to create a warm and safe environment at St Mary’s for children. I have funding for small wooden tables and chairs, and they will need to be assembled and varnished oak to match it with the floor. Any offers?

Janet Scothen and Vera Mushrow have knitted and sewn and produced soft play bags and they will have a little ‘picnic’ in them as well.

I am soon having a small staff meeting to look at services etc and then to a wider ministry team meeting and, sometime in the Autumn I hope..over to you all!

This Thursday is Ascension Day which we will be celebrating at our Wednesday Communion service.

So, to you all then, love, prayers, thanks and peace to you and those you love and pray for.