Parish Weekly Update – 17th May 2021

Dear all,

Another step today on our roadmap out of this dismal time we have had.

I had coffee and scrambled eggs INSIDE a garden centre today!

We do still need though to keep ourselves safe…but oh the hugs x

I did my first wedding this year under the new guidelines – no signing of the Registers or receiving a Marriage Certificate either anymore, just legal forms to fill in instead which have been irksome!

Philip Mayles is going to take over the legal and written side of things from me so, soon, I should have a rhythm going.

Baptism and weddings continue to keep flooding in so we should be up to full speed soon.

There have been changes of personnel on a number of levels, but, so far, God has always had someone in the pipeline for me.

We have our AGM on 27th May and this will be live streamed and all the papers available for people to see online which will be a lovely way of including many of my digital congregation as well.

I do hope I will see many of you there as we plan, together with God, this new chapter in our parish’s life.

Pentecost Sunday falls this Sunday 23rd May and this year it has more resonance as all of us are looking to the Holy Spirit for direction as we move slowly but surely on our journey.

There will be flame ribbons of red, orange and yellow to be put over the ribbons already on the yew tree and so all those people remembered on the yew tree already will be covered with God’s power and presence as we add our own Pentecost ribbons. Please do put one in when passing or let Sue or I know, and we will do one for you!

The soft play bags for little ones are almost complete now and ready to be used at the 10.00 am family service.

Nikki is well underway with our children’s provision for Half term which is being eagerly awaited.

The Church Centre is filling up with bookings now and we should be able to offer venues for birthday parties etc as well soon.

St Peters is looking really good and the outside at the back? Well worth a look at creative thinking for the uniformed organisations.

So, enjoy the warmer (!) weather, a chance to meet both indoors and out, but still, stay safe.

Love to you all,  Bethx