Parish Weekly Update – 24th May 2021

Dear all,

I am cold and fed up with the rain and not being able to sit out.

Anyone else feel like that?

It can only get better though, it’s the coldest May since records began!

Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday and I feel a real sea change in the sense of a hope and optimism about what God has prepared for our faith as it is expressed all over the world, just as it did that first Pentecost Sunday.

I have put a summary of my sermon on the webpage as people have asked to be able to look at it a little deeper.

There are still ribbons to be put around the yew tree in Pentecost colours (red, yellow and orange) and Janet Scothern’s lovely poster just says it all!

Some of us, yesterday, created our new children’s area at the back of church so each week we should be able to see more happening there.

Soft play bags have almost been finished (just need any ideas for quiet toys?) and Tony Lamb is going to put together and varnish the new furniture which has now started to arrive.

Nikki has our preparations for the provision for children over this next half-term well in hand, details are on our Facebook page and people are asked to register via Eventbrite so we know how many we are catering for.

Our Annual General Meeting of our Parish is on Thursday 27th May at 7pm.

This time we are having it live streamed so that any one can digitally join us.

The papers are also on our webpage…I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible –  you do have to attend the meeting in person to be able to vote.

Our new camera, donated by a very generous donor, had its debut yesterday to rave reviews. Do have a look at the service on our Webpage as well.

Thank you again for your continued donations – food and other support is still being requested albeit, thankfully, on a reduced scale.

As you know, there is an awful lot of new build happening in the parish.

We need to find new, creative and innovative ways of inviting our new residents to our services, Facebook and online worshipping.

This is something I am planning for the summer.