Weekly Parish Update – 21st June 2021

Dear all,

Well, last weeks announcement abut the easing of Lockdown completely was not unexpected, was it?

But it has thrown so much into confusion again, especially with weddings and funerals and we are just coping as well as we can really.

Congregations still cannot sing in church and, in choirs, numbers are limited, but we can sing at Landican and close up together in sports and music venues!

I was hoping to start having Memorial services for all those whose funerals I have done in the past 16 months but that is not quite possible yet.

We have now got two new Assistants Bishops, based in Stockport and, of course, Birkenhead, so at last, as a Diocese, we can pick up a new, stronger rhythm of ministry and care and enablement.

This is well overdue and has been long prayed for.

As the parish church here in Eastham, we will slip into that new rhythm as we continue work together in our community, with our Local Authority and with other partner agencies.

Building bridges must keep being built although I did have a waking dream about the parish looking like spaghetti junction a few days ago!

I am doing so many funerals, especially for younger people at the moment and marrying couples with the weddings that were booked for last year and this, we are back to being the well-used and loved parish church we have been for many years now.

Our graveyard continues to bring much beauty  and peace to people and I have so many wonderful things said to me about it and the work our team is doing…thank you all. If anyone would like just to pop in and help on a Thursdays…all are welcome.

Simone is also on Thursday, starting this week, between 10.00 am and 12 noon, a Place of Welcome in church to sit and chat and have coffee. We have tried this pre Covid at the Church Centre and the NET but with minimal success. We will see how this goes in the summer. All precautions will be taken  of course.

Nikki and I are planning the summer children’s provision as well now as the year races on.

Some of us are also meeting to look at ways forward in our parish  work as well as some of our services, but until September at least, all will remain the same.

Each day I am trying to get some Sabbath rest as my Sundays are so busy…time to stop, look up at the sky and cloud and trees and remember that God has gone before us…we need only to walk  in his footsteps.

Much love,

Beth xx