Parish Weekly Update 10th August 2021

Dear all,

Another week, another story to tell!

  1. We had our first full week of our children’s work on both the Tuesday and Thursday last week.

It is just so lovely to meet face to face all my families and to be able to see and chat to our children as well. There was a wonderful take up on Tuesday and the Garden Day, on the Thursday at my Vicarage, was punctuated with beautiful moments and treasured memories for us.

The BBQ was great fun as well. One week down, three to go! Thank you, Nikki, for so, so much.

2.      Cameo started its weekly meetings again at 2.00 pm on Tuesday in the Church Centre – a good crowd enjoyed a strawberry tea and bingo – thanks to Jean as always for organising this – the activities, the refreshments, the lifts for those that need them. Eight new people this week!

3.    Hannah, our Trumpeter, wanted to make brass bands more acceptable to our local children and so hires the Church Centre each Saturday.

Her concert to showcase these 27 children is on Saturday this week at 7pm in St Mary’s. Tickets £5 and a complimentary wine or soft drink in the interval. So looking forward to it.

4.    Many people have commented that the live streaming of our Sunday service is on Facebook and a lot of people refuse to go on what they call “social media”. Our Facebook page is wonderful but there is still some reluctance.

Ian, this weekend, is therefore switching us over to YouTube so it will be available to all live, but the service can also be watched on Facebook later on in the day. This is wonderful. Thank you, Ian!

Details on the back of this update.

5.      Our Hope Weekend in September will take the place of our Heritage Weekend.

Details on the back. Please if you can help at all…please let me know.

6.    I am still not visiting at all. Weddings and funerals and large gatherings, with no restrictions on numbers and no masks being worn as it is not compulsory in England, however much I try to encourage it.

I am therefore feeling very vulnerable and do NOT want to pass anything on, so I am staying well away from hospitals, care homes or homes where people are vulnerable or just out of hospital etc.

So, I don’t know what will happen on Monday in this country, we just need to be prepared, stay safe, watch out for each other and let me know if I can do anything to help.

With much love, Beth

From Ian, our “tech guy”

As of Sunday 15th August, we will be streaming directly to YouTube instead of Facebook. This will allow access to people who are not comfortable with Social Media platforms and YouTube allows anyone to view the stream regardless of whether they are registered or not. We are then also able to embed the live stream into our website which currently Facebook does not allow.

Ok, so how do I access the stream this Sunday. Well, the link below will let you directly watch the stream on Sunday – if you try it now, it will just give you a holding page saying the stream will start in X days time but will then go live on Sunday Morning. This link will also work after Sunday so if you miss the service, you can still directly access it.

Holy Communion in the Parish Church – Sunday 15th August 2021, 10am

We will also be placing a link on our Facebook page on Sunday morning redirecting you to YouTube so don’t worry if you lose this link, you can just go to St Mary’s Facebook as normal and then find the stream from there. We will also start to provide direct links to the service on our website.

This is a big change for us as we have been streaming Sunday Services to Facebook now for 18 months but by moving to YouTube it will hopefully allow us to make a few things easier and allow more people in the community to connect with St Mary’s.

Hope Weekend

  (Friday 10th to Sunday 12th September 2021)

National Heritage weekend

Find a Space in the Stanley Chapel with water, flowers and prayers and music

A Prayer Weekend in a bag full of prayer goodies!

A Wall of Hope to be created on the North Wall inside the church.

Donated Hope collages from schools, people and groups in the main church.

Children’s activities.

Intercession …Stones, prayers and lights up by the main altar

An outdoor prayer walk of some kind!

Yew tree to be stripped and re worked…welcome home.

Emma’s stones if possible….

If you can help, or are inspired (!) by any of these…please let me know.

We have not long to go!!