Parish Weekly Update – 16th August 2021

Dear all,

Well, another Freedom Day has arrived!

For most of us, though, it is very much life as we are living it at the moment. Safe but sure.

Last week, our children’s work continued with memories and conversations and laughter. It has been exhaustingly wonderful. Two more weeks to go!

It was wonderful to be at Hannah, our trumpeter’s, Youth Brass Band concert at St Mary’s last Saturday.

What a joy to see and hear these young musicians play with such panache.

As we move into September now, we are, as a church, making some longer-term decisions.

The first will be the time of the main service at St Mary’s.

It has been set for the last eighteen months at 10.00 am and this has worked really well.

Establishing a 10.00 am time for ALL services, rather than a mixture of 9.15 am and then 10.30 am for all other services such as Mothering Sunday, Harvest etc has much to commend it. The overwhelmingly response has been to keep it.

 BUT, there have been a few people though who would like it to go back permanently to 9.15 am (Eight people altogether) and the majority of these are vegetable orientated…if you get my meaning!

To fit everything in, there is a thought of moving it to 9.45 am but I truly don’t think that would really make much difference to lunches etc?

St Peter’s have moved their service to 11.00 am which has been really wonderful of them.

With a 10.00 am start, my rhythm is so much more workable as well. An added bonus!

The children’s area at the back in St Mary’s is being so well used and, as it is a permanent fixture now, it is very much appreciated.

Teas and coffees will be available after the service from the beginning of September.

We have Flat Pack’s Night of the Opera next Saturday at 7.00 pm. Tickets are available at the door at St Mary’s.

We are planning to have a glorious Evensong, live streamed, on Sunday 12th September at 6.30 pm as part of our Hope Weekend (the Heritage Weekend date). Something else to praise God for.

Beth xx