Parish Weekly Update – 6th September 2021

Dear all, I just love the month of September in the garden. The light is golden and soft and glorious.

There is no more frantic deadheading or watering pots. Just sitting and being and enjoying the preciousness of God’s creation.

But, in the community, schools are back now with all the worries about jabbing the 12+ children and whether infection rates will climb again.

There are still the worries for many about the cut in Universal Credit and the furlough system drawing to a final close, but there are signs of hope all around us.

Which brings me neatly to our Hope Weekend.

This is this Friday and Saturday 10.30am till 3.30pm. 10th and 11th September taking the place of our Heritage Weekend.

The schools have made collages and the Stanley Chapel will be part of the national @Find A Space’ initiative with flowers and water and music playing throughout.

There is plenty to do for children, especially coming into our graveyard to find HOPE pebbles (made by Emma who did our Remembrance ones) hidden there and bring them in to church to exchange for something sweet.

There is colouring and puzzles and treats as well for them.

We are also having a Craft exhibition of things which helped us through COVID and inspire us with HOPE too! I can pick up anything or bring them to church on Wednesday morning or Thursday at 4.00 pm at St Mary’s.

I have put together 40 prayer bags for people to take away and pray through if they wish.

We are serving home-made cakes (could anyone make anything) and tea, coffee, and hot chocolate as well.

There will also be yellow ribbons ready (the others are now with our steel angel besides the yew tree) for people to tie on like the Welcome Home song? To remember someone who needs God’s hope in any way at all.

Please come for a while, stay and pray and play a little as well.

Sunday evening is our first Sunday Choral Evensong at 6.30pm and will be quite spectacular.

Please do come and join us for the sherry and birthday cake as well! Shhhh.

My Vicarage Garden will also be open on Saturday 11th from 10.30 till 4.30pm (the house will not though). It has been open to families each week as part of our children’s holiday provision through August. This Saturday is for families who can come with picnics or just wander around specially to see the newly revamped Faerie Glen which is big and beautiful; with so much help from the community to bring it back to life…

Teas and coffees are now being served after the morning service in all the churches and, on a wider note, Harvest Festival will be on Sunday 10th October.

In the last two to three weeks, we have had over 600+ people through the church doors…three very large weddings, funerals and countless baptisms have brought so many to God’s place here in Eastham.

Every single person has been shining, without so many masks, and with so much hope and love and hugs and being able to freely meet and eat with loved ones again.

It has been a real privilege to be an integral part of their life moments even though I am so (knackered) tired at the moment as well…but, annual leave beckons!

I am still not visiting people who have been poorly or just come out of hospital as I am very aware of the enormous amount of people I am with at the moment.

I am always around for a phone chat or ordinary visiting if you are not being Covid careful!

Much love as always…you are a mighty people of God,