Parish Weekly Update – 13th September 2021

Dear all,

What a truly lovely HOPE weekend we had both at church and at the Vicarage.

It was wonderful to see all the crafts and activities people had displayed showing what they had dome over Covid and the message of hope running through it all.

The contributions by the schools were excellent.

Prayer was a big theme as well.

Over 40 prayer bags went out (I still have a few left if anyone would like one?) and a prayer wall was prettily set up by Simone. Valmai brought creation inside as gardens were so much a part of our first Lockdown.

Anne and Jim beautifully decorated the Stanley Chapel and there were some wonderful quotes for us to read and be inspired by.

Chris kept us all in hand and added her magic touch wherever she could, including organising the yellow ribbons to tie on the yew tree railings to remember anyone needing God’s hope at this time.

Thank you also to all who helped on the teas and coffees as well!

To round the weekend off, we had our first evening service since March 2020 and what a service it was – Choral Evensong, superb choir (thank you all) and Gerry’s 90th complete with a small cake and wine party afterwards.

The successful transition has been made from live streaming from Facebook to live streaming from YouTube, making access to our services and worship even more inclusive

Thank you, Ian!

We are now in the process of getting a card machine for people to donate in church. This should be a wonderful thing to have for us..weddings, baptisms and other  events!

I also need to start work with Ian on re-vamping our Webpage. I have a few ideas!

I am on Study Leave this week as I try to make sense of the mountain of paperwork, legal and pastoral, that has built up over the frantic activity this church has seen since restrictions have been lifted little by little…we have reached out to so very many people.

It has been a joy to welcome so many people and families for all their life events, but I need my rhythms to slow right down for a while.

Much love, Bethxx