Parish Weekly Updates – 11th October 2021

Dear all,

Well, last week was so busy and varied and multi-layered for so many of us.

The Diocese is now rolling out a program to get back post-Covid with our three new Bishops. On Wednesday evening I held my first Deanery Synod as Rural Dean in over 20 months in the form of a service at St Mary’s.

Most of the Deanery was represented and it was a time of praying and sharing and being together as churches.

Thank you, Malcolm, for playing and adding to the richness of our worship.

On Friday, about 200 people came to our 1960’s Merseybeat Memorial service which was incredible! I catered for 90 but we had to supplement it with extra-large bags of steaming hot chips from Silver River.

We had a lovely tribute to Roy Munro from Peter, his son, and he was laid to rest with Chris later on.

Our Harvest Festival, although very toned down because of the rising number of Covid cases in schools, was really lovely. We processed in, stood and sang with hymn books for the first time in 20 months as well.

We are now settling into a complex but deep rhythm as a parish, picking up so many life events, weddings, baptisms and funerals as well as addressing some of the major issues we have to look at.

There is a waiting list for most of the uniformed organizations now post-covid as parents are looking to have a better life, work-play balance for their children.

We do so well here in Eastham. As you know, the Beavers are the younger ones, but permission has now been given to start up a section for 4-6years old for Squirrels!

Here is a request for help….

Hi Beth

With regards to our conversation this morning.

5th Bebington Scout group are looking for volunteer helpers across all sections and especially our new to be launched Squirrel section for 4–6-year-olds.

We are holding our AGM and launch meeting on Friday 15th October at 7pm at St Peters if anyone would like to come along to find out more information.

Thank you

Sandra Wellings  s.wellings@ntlworld,com

As you know, our graveyard is looking remarkable. If you would like to get outside in the winter months and join them on a Thursday, they would truly welcome you!

BUT… It would be wonderful if the inside of our beautiful church could look as good. It is being used for so many different purposes, from meetings about local traffic, to 1960’s band and dancing, life events, tours and so much more as well as our heartbeat, worship.

We have no more than a handful of cleaners at the moment and a couple have been doing this for 20 years plus.

You don’t need to come each Saturday morning by any means but if you can come and polish one time, or dust another etc. I would be so very grateful. Please do let me know. Non-church goers welcome as well!

Enjoy this beautiful weather whilst you can…God’s autumn gift to us.

Much love and God bless, Bethxx