Parish Weekly Update – 18th October 2021

Dear all,

I always feel that October should be a time of taking stock and putting down deep roots before the seasons change yet again but I think there is more impetus this year.

Things are still unsure and uncertain.

But we just can’t bury our heads in the sand and hope for the best. God does expect more of us, his people, his family, than that!

As I said at church and on livestream on Sunday, we began ‘Generosity Week’ last Sunday.

All my Facebook prayers this week are based on generosity of one kind or another.

Generosity is a harvest theme where we give God thanks for all his blessings that Harvesttime points us to.

God’s generosity to us is endless and so I thought this would be the time to look at our giving to God in all that we do.

As a church, we have had a pretty rough time since COVID. All churches have in one way or another. Parish giving has gone down, bills have gone up, we have missed our large collections at Easter (twice) and Christmas and in many other ways.

We have kept up with our Parish Share (a non-negotiable amount we send the Diocese each month) but many churches have not, but we really do need to take stock.

Next Sunday I will put more meat on my bones, but for now, I am asking.

  1. If you give by weekly envelopes, please could you consider standing order so that we are not taking large sums of cash each week to the bank etc.
  2. Thank you if you are doing a standing order. Is there a chance you could raise it by a £1 a week, or a little more? Every little helps?
  3. If you could Gift Aid it as well that would be lovely. The amount we receive from the Inland Revenue that keeps us going has also fallen.
  4. If you don’t give at all, but value the church, what we do, the people we help and all the support structures we have in place, would you consider setting up a Standing Order for say £2.50 a week (or more of course).
  5. It really is a case of all hands on board….so please, make God smile?

Remembrance Sunday this year will be a little different again.

I just do not think it is wise to have 600+ people in church with little ones and young people all jammed in with each other.

In addition, we cannot walk safely on parade this year as a shortage of police have made that unviable.

I had therefore talked to my staff and we have decided.

  1. There will be a 9.00 am said Communion service at St Mary’s.
  2. At 10.00 am we will live stream our usual Remembrance Day service in church with the Cadets (ATC).
  3. We will go out to the War Memorial at 10.45 and meet as many of the uniformed organisations there as we can.
  4. Names will be read, bugles will be blown, wreaths will be laid and a Salute will be taken.
  5. I hope to see as many people in the village as possible!

Perhaps next year?

A date for your diary!

Saturday November 6th at 7.00 pm: A Special Celebration

Our wonderfully youthful organist, Malcolm Perry, was born on 17th October 1936.  To celebrate his birthday, a special concert has been arranged on 6th November at 7.00 pm at which the Organist Titulaire of Liverpool Cathedral and Liverpool City Organist, Professor Ian Tracey DL, will come to play some of Malcolm’s favourite pieces on our newly refurbished organ.  There is no charge for this concert, but there will be a retiring collection in aid of church funds.


We have funding now for Wiltshire Farm Food frozen Christmas dinners and puddings but would like to make Christmas bags up for 80 older people known to and loved by us.

If you have any small boxes of biscuits or Christmas chocolate, and toiletries/small gifts etc, my porch is waiting for you. Or bring them to church or I will collect!

Beth xx