Christmas Shoeboxes

If you would like to make a Christmas Shoebox to send to children and families in Eastern Europe please do so over the next few weeks.

If you already have a shoebox, please cover it in Christmas paper but there are also boxes ready “wrapped” in church for you to pick up (or please let us know if you would like one delivered).

The shoeboxes in Church already have a toothbrush and a toy in.
There is a sheet with further information by the boxes in church and the sheet also gives a list of other things that could be included – for the different age ranges and also for a “household” box.

Alternatively you can read the shoebox guide online

The boxes need to be returned by 14 November 2021. Please include £2.50 in an envelope inside the box to cover transportation costs.

The deadline is 14th November. Please get in touch if you want more details.