Money! Hearing that word has an affect on people but unfortunately there is no denying it, like all other Churches, St Mary’s Church needs money to keep providing to the Eastham Community.

Why should I give?

Good question! People have so many financial demands in life. Household bills, car running fees, maybe children or other family members, other charity giving and maybe even the cheeky chocolate bar at the end of a stressful week. All of these things are important and we certainly would never ask you to stop any of these and give to us but if you have a little bit left over or would like to help, how about thinking of St Mary’s Church?

As with other churches across the country, St Mary’s has to pay its own way. We don’t receive any money from government or the Church of England, in fact, it is the other way round! We have to pay into the Church of England a proportion so that we can keep our own Vicar Beth. After that, we have the gas, electric, broadband for the online services, repairs, the list just goes on!

So what are we asking?

Well, lets be blunt! We are asking, if you can afford it that is, to consider giving to St Mary’s Church. We have several ways you can do this…

Standing Order / transfer from your bank to ours

This is our prefered method to donate to our church as it means all of the money you pledge is available to us. If you would like to use this method, please get in touch with us using the contact form below.

Standing Order / Transfer contact form

Give a one off donation or regularly online

This is the most convient option to donate to St Mary’s. If you would like to donate online to us, please use this link St Marys Church – Give A Little.

Send a cheque in the post

This method takes a little bit longer, but if you would like to give to the church using a cheque, please make them payable to “Eastham Parochial Church Council” and then send them to the Vicarage – Revd. Beth Glover, 29 Ferry Road, Eastham, Wirral, CH62 0AJ