Loving with all of our five senses …in the centre of Covid 19….

“It is not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). And yet today, we feel isolated from family and friends and the familiarity of ordinary things…it is easy to feel we have been cast adrift, some more than others.

God created us with five senses, five ways in which we’re able to observe, understand, and interact with our surroundings.

This Holy week we will see the final days of Jesus through all five of our senses.

Then after Easter, as people of the Resurrection, when all this is over, to reflect on  how we can love God with all of our senses and how we can relate to others as we re adjust…

Before Corona, the reality was that you could be around a lot of people and still feel very, very alone, because you’re lacking the intimacy of relationships.

You can be in a very crowded place, you can be sitting in a crowded church, working around a lot of people, or in a classroom full of your peers, and still have this nagging sense of loneliness because you don’t feel like you really connect with anyone.

In our culture today, we find more and more that we’re not connecting intimately with one another; and the reality is that we’re surrounded by more people than we could ever imagine who are hurting and feel completely alone.

Now this has all changed…you see, what I’ve noticed is, when Jesus began ministering for those 3 ½ short years before his crucifixion he always paid close attention to the real-felt needs of those he met, as we are doing in so many ways now.

And so, today as we look at the ministry of Jesus, in the midst of the awfulness around us, how God asks us to  love with our God-given senses of taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight.